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  1. Tigger

    White Supremacist kills 40 in New Zealand mosques

    The fucker live streamed it. 3 people arrested so far. Explosive devices found attached to cars around the city. New Zealand shooting: what we know so far
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    Delete an unposted message but it comes back

    I'm finding that this forum seems to remember a draft post even if they aren't posted and are instead deleted. I write something, decide against posting it delete it and move on. Some time later I go to respond to another post in the same thread and as I hit the 'reply' button my unposted draft...
  3. Tigger

    British Irish Dialect Quiz

    Well this was fun and it was scarily accurate: The British-Irish Dialect Quiz it asks you a series of questions about how you say certain words and what you call certain things and produces a map of where you are most likely to come from. It got me scarily accurate. At the end of the quiz it...
  4. Tigger

    AI text creator: too dangerous to release.

    New AI fake text generator may be too dangerous to release, say creators This AI is capable of writing very convincing pieces in pretty much any style. It's creators however have decided against making their research generally available until they have consider all the implications of...
  5. Tigger

    Apartment block switching to 'smart' locks & requiring tenants to comply

    This is a story currently unfolding on twitter. You can follow the thread but I'll post a few of the key details below. Lesley Carhart is a security researcher. She's been informed that the apartment block in which she lives is going to switch to a new 'smart' lock system. The system is...
  6. Tigger

    Gatwick airport shut down by drones

    This is an odd one. It seems like there has been a deliberate and ongoing attempt to disrupt the airport by flying drones around the runways. At times more than one drone at a time has been seen and so far the authorities have not been able to identify the operators. Latest news is that the...
  7. Tigger

    Gift Giving

    What with Christmas coming I was curious about people's gift giving habits. Not just christmas but other times too, birthdays maybe, whatever other occaisions merit it. People seem to buy presents for so many odd people around them, my family and I though have never had that habit. We've always...
  8. Tigger

    network Good Place season3

    First episode of season 3 has just appeared on my netflix and I just want to be the first to say..... weeeeeeeee!