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  1. Kizz

    I radically changed my lifestyle, lost 110 pounds, and can finally dance again

    Last year I made a choice to radically change my lifestyle. I cut back on carbs, sugars (though didn't eliminate them), reduced my portion sizes, and exercised more than I was (I still could use some more gym time). I've now lost over 110 pounds. One of the main things that inspired me to...
  2. Kizz

    Tacoma passes sweeping tenant’s rights ordinance

    Here's some good news: Tacoma passes sweeping tenant’s rights ordinance Though it's sad that this kind of ordinance became necessary in the first place. Homelessness is on the rise, and I'm not seeing anything that's going to change that.
  3. Kizz

    How does one copy a group link to paste in local chat on the LL viewer?

    A club I play at was pasting my DJ group in local chat, and I asked how he did it (he said to click an area on the upper right of the group window), but his instructions don't work on the official LL viewer, so how does one go about doing it on the LL viewer? Thanks
  4. Kizz

    Was there ever a good explanation as to why one has to work with two time zones in SL?

    Notifications are GMT, and everything else is PST. Was there ever a good explanation from LL as to why that's the case?
  5. Kizz

    The anti-SJW trap

    Some of you are probably well aware that I had fallen into the anti-SJW trap for a while. For a few years, actually. They’re a mighty powerful force on many online platforms, especially YouTube. All I can really say is that I’m sorry for falling into that trap. I can't undo the past...
  6. Kizz

    What is the draw of Sansar?

    I just tried it again, this was my third try, and I completely fail to see the point other than showcasing virtual glasses and people showcasing their skills in 3rd party 3d software, essentially giant art pieces. And don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with beautiful art pieces. But...
  7. Kizz

    Looking for a *tiny* mainland parcel to rent on a snowy region

    Just big enough for something the size of a small shack. I'm not trying to put up a club or anything (I'm done with that idea, I may talk about it in a different post, I just DJ now) I just want a tiny place I can mark as my home, have the stream set for what I want, and be able to go out and...