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  1. Shiloh Lyric

    Nobody Is Above The Law-this Tuesday

    I just want to make as many people aware of this as I can. There will be rallies nationwide on Tuesday, December 17th, to show Trump and our Congress that nobody...NOBODY...including a above the law. This is being sponsored by MoveOn, and many other organizations. There are...
  2. Shiloh Lyric

    Shows you should be ashamed to enjoy, but aren't?

    I kind of loved BH90210, the reboot-which-wasn't-a-reboot. I'm really hoping it comes back for a second season.
  3. Shiloh Lyric

    AHS: 1984

    But no Evan Peters. He's sitting this season out, he says. :( Still, looks like it will be a good theme. I love the 80s slasher genre, so this should be up my alley. ‘American Horror Story: 1984’: First Look At Season 9 Cast
  4. Shiloh Lyric

    Nobody Is Above The Law Rapid Response

    This is happening tomorrow. In places all over the country. I really hope that if you are physically able to, you join one. What Trump is doing is no joke. And we need to show him that we're not, either. Nobody Is Above the Law—Mueller Protection Rapid Response
  5. Shiloh Lyric

    Make-up disappearing when Advanced Lighting is on

    I'm probably just tired and missing something completely obvious, but I was trying to take a photo tonight, and every time I turned on Advanced Lighting, my lipstick and eyeshadow would disappear. I know that I've taken photos in the past while wearing makeup, so I don't know what I"m doing...