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  1. Romana

    How coronavirus is affecting politics

    I was going to put this in an existing thread but I thought maybe the government stuff deserved a thread of its own. (Of course, if Cristiano feels differently, he can put it in one of the other threads, whichever is best)...
  2. Romana

    A thread about Twitter assholes getting their asses handed to them

    I couldn't think of where else to put this. Also, seeing these idiots get dragged for their crap is the only bright side of the politics swamping the platform. "Chachi" trending?What's that idiot said now? Ohhhh. Did he pick the wrong target! 😂
  3. Romana

    I hung up on a weird-ass poll

    I wouldn't normally have even picked up the phone, but I thought it might be anyfing to mess with them. The caller ID said "Voter Attitudes". They asked me if I was a Democrat or a Republican, and seemed disappointed that I was neither. Their second question was a very oddly worded mishmash...
  4. Romana

    WTF Mob boss Dump has consigliere Barr strong-arming governors?
  5. Romana

    LOL! Emoji fails

    Can't find a thread for this sort of thing but there must be more of then out there so I'll start one. Here goes....
  6. Romana

    What the frak was Hillary thinking?

    I guess there’s no such thing as bad publicity for something like this documentary, but still, damn. Does she enjoy being blasted on social media? So far, a lot of Bernie supporters on Twitter are living down to her expectations, unless they’re bots and not real Bernie purple at all.
  7. Romana

    Who the frak is this guy, and--oh, never mind....

    I logged on to Twitter yesterday and saw that Logan Paul was trending. When I saw what that idiot had apparently done now I logged off. Yuck. Today I logged on and saw someone called "Nickado Avocado" was trending. I looked to see who the hell that was. The answer, apparently, is "one...
  8. Romana

    WTF USA Today investigation reveals ICE awfulness

    Not that we don't know how awful they can be, but:
  9. Romana

    Leading Evangelical magazine calls for Trump's removal

    Looks like someone doesn't think he's the chosen one anymore. Hope it catches on.
  10. Romana

    starz Mr Nancy has been kicked to the curb

    Yep, they fired Orlando Jones, and here’s why: ‘American Gods’ Actor Orlando Jones Says He Was Fired Because Mr. Nancy Is ‘Wrong Message for Black America’
  11. Romana

    WTF This scares the hell out of me What comes next? Deportation to Israel? 😨
  12. Romana

    RIP Odo
  13. Romana

    LOL! Bwahahahaha! Kid Rock kicked offstage at his own bar
  14. Romana

    WTF Nurse posts TikTok videos making fun of patients

    When I peeked into Twitter, I saw the hashtag "patients are not faking",, accompanied by many firsthand stories of people suffering because of healthcare professionals not believing them. It grew as a response to this TikTok video, posted by a nurse: A look at her Twitter page reveals a couple...
  15. Romana

    Therapy Llamas?

    I didn't know where to put this,I figure here's as his a place as any. I don't know about other folks, but I think a llama would make me more allergic than any usual house pet. I know horses do. (😢)
  16. Romana

    Trying not to hurt a noob's feelings

    There I was trying to win the beautiful skin and outfit from the fortune teller at Fallen Gods, and a noob in a starter avatar offers me friendship out of the blue. So I say, "I have to kmow someone before accepting friendship. I hope you understand. Noob dude comes back with "How old are you?"...
  17. Romana

    If anyone's looking for land...

    The parcel next to me has been abandoned. I asked for another 1536 sq m next to mine and got it, but there's still plenty left, at $L1/m I would assume, dice that's what they asked me. If anyone's interested and wants the SLURL or any more info, key me know.
  18. Romana

    Remakes--yea or nay?

    Sometimes remakes (or "reimaginings") are good, but it seems like more often it's just "why?" For example, I think we can all agree with the Dread Pirate Westley here:
  19. Romana

    Good news, everybody! A thread for karma being a bitch

    We have the effed-up news thread, so I thought I'd start one for stories about the SOBs getting theirs. Here, I'll start: Milo's broke!