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  1. CronoCloud Creeggan

    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    "Karen needs to see the manager." jun_03_2020_001 by cronocloudcreeggan, on Flickr jun_03_2020_002 by cronocloudcreeggan, on Flickr jun_03_2020_003 by cronocloudcreeggan, on Flickr jun_03_2020_004 by cronocloudcreeggan, on Flickr jun_03_2020_005 by cronocloudcreeggan, on Flickr...
  2. CronoCloud Creeggan

    How COVID-19 is affecting society

    Whaaaat? If I had known this back when we first met I'd have been even MORE of a Beebo fangirl. Yep.
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    All Things Nintendo, but not Animal Crossing: Nobody Cares

    Decided to start a general thread for anything Nintendo that isn't Animal Crossing. I'm going to cover some accessories I found useful for the Switch. If you hate the d-pad of the default Left Joycon like I do, and never do the hipster-playing-on-rooftops-with-joycons-separated like in that...
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    Cassette to MP3 Converter

    All you really need is a simple cable and Audacity:
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    Nobody Cares - Second Life Is Weird AF

    The Brothel video has a post about it on Kotaku:
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    Who views all those SL fashion blogs.

    Well fashion is a big thing in SL partly because it's a big thing in RL. If the fashion and beauty industries just instantly disappeared from RL, it would plunge the entire planet into a recession. And if people stopped shopping fashion in SL...that would be SLapocalypse. Some of us who do...
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    Nobody Cares - Second Life Is Weird AF

    That is a fantastic video, respectful of SL and the people involved and informative.
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    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    So, so beautiful. I'm getting Transgender Model vibes, a la Dusty Rose: Dusty Rose🥀 (@theonlydustyrose) • Instagram photos and videos
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    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    Purple! Looks a bit Duchess Meghan-y too. may_21_2020_001 by cronocloudcreeggan, on Flickr may_21_2020_002 by cronocloudcreeggan, on Flickr Valentina E Paris Dress Erratic Lira pumps Yummy Work pearls in black Stealthic Envy hair IKON Sovereign eyes in Coffee Pink Fuel Jacqueline skin in Latte
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    All things Linux

    When I first started using Linux it was Red Hat that was the "distro for the masses", and my first Linux was a Red Hat variant based on 6.0. I'll save you some time, there's really only 3 graphical clients with any appreciable userbase: Thunderbird, Evolution, Claws-Mail. As for...
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    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    I love that look, except there's one thing missing.....purple. ;-)
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    Why can't I hear music?

    Which Operating System and which viewer. Depends on the OS, I think. On Linux it does, I have per-application control of which audio sink any application uses. I as an example using SL: Send UI audio to my monitors speakers with HDMI, streaming audio to an analog headset, and then voice to...
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    Nobody Cares if it's Off Topic

    D&D needs symphonic "Mythril Metal"!
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    Nobody Cares about Tech Support

    I've upgraded to a GTX 1650 today, an overclocked non-Super GDDR6 version from MSI, they're new. This one: As in just came out last month, which explains why non-Super GTX1650's with GDDR6 didn't seem to exist when I began searching for one a...
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    Nobody Cares: Gaming Edition

    Or 2, or 4....depending. Usually it was 3/4, but sometimes it was 2/3, depending on the machine. And which channel was better depended on which channel had less interference in your area.
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    Happy Birthday CronoCloud Creeggan!

    Thanks everyone!
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    Happy Birthday Maitimo!

    Happy Birthday! :birthdayballoons:
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    Nobody Cares: Technology-only Edition

    Key based SSH auth is the way to go. I liked that, getting it work with various printers was a PITA though, IIRC. The open-source terminal editor Joe has WordStar keybindings if you invoke it as "jstar". Yes, but it is annoying and makes you want to go back to your Linux box. People have...