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  1. Cristiano

    My Favorite SL Picture I've Ever Taken

    I just took this picture this evening, entitled "Good Boy":
  2. Cristiano

    The Sims 4 - Eco Lifestyle Expansion Coming June 5th
  3. Cristiano

    Random Shit In Your Inventory

    I am sitting here going through random shit from my bottomless SL inventory, and I came across a few things so far: Old stuff that Allison made - behold Summer Heat: Cooking monster shirt: Hug hug kitten:
  4. Cristiano

    Parks and Recreation Special Episode

  5. Cristiano

    Photoshop Alternative Affinity Photo is 50% Off Right Now

    You can get the fantastic Affinity Photo for Mac and Windows 10 right now for $25 (or $10 for the iPad version), which is 50% off the price. It is a great alternative to Photoshop...
  6. Cristiano

    Help needed with weird SSL problem

    So I recently installed ssl certs on both the server for and also (images are served by a different site). Everything seemed to work fine - if you go directly to an image url with https:// the images show fine, the site auto-redirects to Snapzilla...
  7. Cristiano

    Deadliest Shooting In Canadian History
  8. Cristiano

    Levelling in World of Warcraft Won't Suck Pretty Soon
  9. Cristiano

    feature A Reaction Button Donation From NyteWytch

    To help people cope during this difficult time, NyteWytch is generously letting everyone use her bag of dicks. It is no longer an exclusive reaction button.
  10. Cristiano

    apple tv+ Apple TV+ Has Not Done Well
  11. Cristiano

    netflix Dead to Me Season 2 - May 8th

  12. Cristiano

    Yay! Holy Shit! AnyPose Now Works with Fate Hand Poser

    So I found myself awake at 5 am so I was looking at random shit on Flickr and someone's post mentioned they did their pose with AnyPose. I had heard of it, but as far as I knew it couldn't do anything with Bento because of limitations of SL, so I passed on it. However, I decided to check out...
  13. Cristiano

    All The Free Games Available Right Now
  14. Cristiano

    Second Life Book Club

    This sounds interesting - it launches tomorrow April 8th.
  15. Cristiano

    How to Set Up Your Own Discord Server

    I've used Discord pretty much from the start, and it has been an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and have a group space for SLU and VVO. If you have a group or even just some friends you want a convenient way to be able to IM and voice chat with, it's a fantastic resource to have and...
  16. Cristiano

    Twenty Years Of The Sims
  17. Cristiano

    Sinespace Breakroom

    Sinespace's approach to remote teams looks pretty cool, and far more cohesive than what LL is doing:
  18. Cristiano

    FDA Calls For Zantac To Be Removed From Market
  19. Cristiano

    cbsallaccess The Good Fight Season 4 - Coming April 9th

    I can't wait! I love this show.
  20. Cristiano

    Low Key Hang Out - Thurs 3/26 6 PM SLT

    This is very short notice, but I'm having a little hang out at the beach bar in my sim starting at 6 PM SLT on Thursday (today). Nothing structured, just conversation and virtual food and drink. If you want to come by, here's the link...