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  1. Amity Slade

    Why do I have to do separate logins to read profiles?

    This is a problem that seems to afflict me intermittently, and has been routine for about a week now. I am already logged into Second Life and inworld. I see someone, I click on them to read their profile. The profile window comes up in the in-world, but the full profile does not show and...
  2. Amity Slade

    Neck / Head mismatch with Ruth 2.0

    I am attempting to bring my classic avatar into a mesh Ruth 2.0 body and head. For some reason, the head part of the neck is a little bit smaller than the body part of the neck, and there is a noticeable seam. What do I do to fix this?
  3. Amity Slade

    Random SL Disconnections - On the :59 of the Hour

    I posted this on SLU, thought I'd bring it over here. I have random disconnects from Second Life. Random in a sense, but they share one thing in common: they all happen on the :59 minute of the hour, just a few seconds before rolling over to the :00. It does not happen every day, but on many...