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  1. Kara Spengler

    I just did an entire day of tests for ADD/ADHD

    most. annoying. test. possible. --> "letters will appear on the screen, hit the spacebar for everything that is not an x" After decades of games where it was "shoot ANYTHING that pops on the screen ASAP" do you have any idea how much I hated that test (and rarely was unable to stop myself from...
  2. Kara Spengler

    Already sick of political ads

    After growing up in the first-primary-in-the-nation state then moving to a purple state you would think I should be immune but .... nope. In DC nobody wastes their money campaigning, it is a foregone conclusion the D nominee will win and since our primary is last it is usually pretty obvious who...
  3. Kara Spengler

    Well, looks like it will be a bit noisy here the next few days

    A team in DC has won a national championship 2 years running now. The parade is Saturday. Thankfully my Saturday thing was made into a virtual event.
  4. Kara Spengler


    One guess what country I use by default for my nordvpn traffic.
  5. Kara Spengler

    OK, this one was just bizarre

    On a gaming forum I started a thread with the company's name (a lot of people do that and I have done it in the past). This time, unlike every other time I have done it, I got a message from a mod not to do a callout. The mod then edited my post to delete the offending word (their company name)...
  6. Kara Spengler

    Guild Wars 2 will have a 64 bit client for the mac .... finally

    After a reorg people started discovering their '64 bit client' called a 32 bit library. Meaning it would cease to work next month as apple is sunsetting 32 bit support. Just yesterday, after not getting a response for months, arenanet announced they would update their mac client next week.
  7. Kara Spengler

    Apple TV+ news

    As expected, there was more news about it at the apple event on Tuesday, some key takeaways: - More about the announced projects on - Most shows will debut with 3 episodes then be weekly (although some will drop the whole season at once) - Cost is $4.99/mo with a 7-day free trial...
  8. Kara Spengler

    Bolton is out

    A bit of a disagreement on if he was fired or not but the key takeaway is that he is gone.
  9. Kara Spengler

    Last weekend to get a d+ account via a d23 (free account) discount

    see Disney+ Offer - D23 for more info Create a free d23 account (link at above url) ..... you do not need a paid gold one, just a general one. Wait a bit (it says 24 hours but I got it in under 6) and there will be a link as instructed above to buy 3 years of d+. For some reason I could not get...
  10. Kara Spengler

    amazon Good Omens

    Who else is counting down to when this comes out? Tennant as Aziraphale is all you need to explain it to someone who has not read Gaiman but knows SF.
  11. Kara Spengler

    When will I learn not to post in games forums?

    I always wind up getting warned for something with no way of replying to the moderator. Usually with no idea what I was even warned about, or if I can guess it is nothing a reasonable human being would complain about but likely someone did not like me having an opposite point of view so reported...
  12. Kara Spengler

    Only can do one reaction button now?

  13. Kara Spengler

    Frozen II

  14. Kara Spengler

    Bloody Camera!!!!

    I finally got Legend of Zelda for my switch yesterday. A few minutes later I was screaming at it. One joystick controls the movement and another one controls the camera .... WTF?????? Who ever thought this was a good idea as opposed to just, oh, having the camera default to the direction your...
  15. Kara Spengler

    Finally ordered a switch

    Well, I wanted to get one for awhile but I was waiting for a good fitness program so my spouse would be eager to get it too. For our initial games games I got Fitness Boxing and Lets Dance 2018.
  16. Kara Spengler

    cosmos returns in March

    I am doing a rewatch of the first season with Tyson right now.
  17. Kara Spengler

    How do you keep track of your streaming services?

    I am sure I have bought movies that I had on one service or another. Pretty sure I have done it with TV shows actually. Back when there were only a few players it was easier to handle but it has gotten a bit more complex now. I was tossing around the idea of a combined database of what is on...
  18. Kara Spengler

    ugh .... ppl looking down on people looking down on nonvoters

    On facebook someone was complaining about people doing this. I stated I will continue to look down on nonvoters IF they do not have a reason: pretty much any excuse, not agreeing with the system, disenfranchisement. Basically, as long as your reason is not 'I did not want to bother when I could...
  19. Kara Spengler

    what movies were you glad not to explain?

    My spouse sat down while Inception was ending. I offered to try and summarise it and thankfully she declined. I am not quite sure how I would have done it. Other nominations?
  20. Kara Spengler

    cable 3 hours, 5 minutes to Doctor Who