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  1. Andi

    Hm curious inc.

    So I know i can get the avatars in world still, but uchi's store is gone from the marketplace and I'm unable to find his profile by searching for it, any one have any ideas what could be up?
  2. Andi

    Can we fix an issue

    I know it's the old url for the old site, but it just 404's. can you get it to direct from SLUniverse Forums - Second Life Community as that leads to the old forum url with the path, have that just redirect here too? I get 404'd often as I use voice attack when I want to goto a site and I...
  3. Andi ???

    So this was brought up into discussion SpeedLight viewer and we are confused on whom runs it or how much it costs. any one heard of it?
  4. Andi

    So question for ryan.

    You posted this to reddit too. Very curious on this buy out that is mentioned.
  5. Andi

    Opensim issue? help?

    figured it out.
  6. Andi

    LOL! Bots

    Greeter bots, besides caspers smart bots, where can I find the software at for self hosting?
  7. Andi

    lol my confused ass.

    I was sitting there, saw a thread on the main SL forums and went looking at slu, didnt see anything, so my derpy head made a new topic, then realize, oh cris is talking about it in the news section lol. okay well, I'm here.