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    Happy Birthday RodeejahUrquan!

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    Star Trek Picard Series!
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    Cribs Virtual World Edition

    i've updated my Sky house back in Nov/dec. i have about 700 Prims to play with. i'm still trying to tweak around to make more room. as i can't even put my doggie down. I have a Play Area below my house and at Ground Level a Stargate using Opengates system. MY neighbors seem to be some sort of...
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    Nobody Cares: PRS

    they gotten healther since the last time you went there. Theres small selection of bottled organic juices, mini snacks. They Make tiny breakfast sandwiches or yogurt or bagel... basically anything that compliments your coffee. Bigger locations sometimes even do lunch or protein bowls. Go to a...
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    Nobody Cares: PRS

    really? every starbucks i've been in i go and get a doughnut since i don't drink coffee to mingle with my comrades..
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    Star Trek Picard Series!

    first episode airs next week but there already planning season 2
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    Head I win, Tails you Lose. Ready?

    Head I win, Tails you Lose. Ready?
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    Ideas to Increase Snapzilla Usage

    i agree here. marketing is key..especially with flickr'll want people to know that there is an alternative in case of collapase.. a few key bloggers could just suggest it and traffic will start comming your way. they will also start throwing suggestions at you( probably to make...
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    Cadet Bonespurs starts a war with Iran

    A direct attack would be foolish. the target...the timing... it's all weird... everyone is analyzing. but no one knows who to believe.
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    If swearing is Immature, why is it considered adult language?

    If swearing is Immature, why is it considered adult language?
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    Nobody Cares: PRS I'm posting it all cause I think it was brilliant.
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    My ideas for a board game, need comments and feedback.

    trial and error. play testing will be important. you may want to limit action cards or tokens someone is allowed to have at once to force them to use it. just come up with a bunch of actions and try them out. lay all your thoughts down. do you want players backstabbing each other or do you...
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    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    retro fitted my Gynoid as a pleasure unit for 2020. Comes in several different colors and is has a prepackaged External Attachment Module that deploys on command. i still have to work in reprogramming. lots of messy code to go though.
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    China Bans Foreign Hardware And Software From Government Computers

    Maybe china will change their minds when a more competent leader is in place and eases restrictions? How much does the US make off of other countries using our software/information technology?
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    China Bans Foreign Hardware And Software From Government Computers

    wish i could sit still and focus to learn to code... would try to make money off making conversion software and plugins... as long as we continue to trade and communicate there is going to be a need to convert data back and forth. just another annoying layer to go though.
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    Weird Food Combinations You Enjoy

    it's actually common Jamaican treat... given to me as a child.. i think it originated out of barbados.. some people also do Tarts and pies... supposedly also good for sore throat of if you have a cold. but don't eat with medicine. Grapefruit can cause adverse reactions. Don't knock it til...
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    Weird Food Combinations You Enjoy

    *cuts a giant grape fruit in half* *Pours condense milk in it* *Mixes and spoons it into mouth*
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    The Republican war on women

    I feel bad for them. These women are trapped in a life of cultism and brainwashing. fear, lack of information, a steady diet of self hating, figurehead worship language. They use the bible as their guide. i they think they are pure. internet access is limited(if they even know how to use a...