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  1. RodeejahUrquan

    RIP Odo

    RIP, dude
  2. RodeejahUrquan

    The guy that puppeteered Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch died

    RIP, Mr. Spinney. 2019 really needs to cease to exist. can we make today Dec 31st please?
  3. RodeejahUrquan

    My Pet Collection Is Out Of Control

    Dude, I love this! I need to visit more often (no no, don't talk to me, just let me obsess over your cute animals 8D )
  4. RodeejahUrquan

    New Linden Home Theme - Victorian

    Not bad. Definitely gives off that "I live waaay outside of the city" vibe. :)
  5. RodeejahUrquan

    Lil Bub Has Passed Away :(

    Oh no...poor lil Bub... :<
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  7. RodeejahUrquan

    Yay! Christmas Season Has Officially Begun!

    It's that time of YEAR!
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    Hahah, hello, kitten. <3
  9. RodeejahUrquan

    VVO Friendsgiving Event 11/30 11 AM SLT

    Wooo! I came super late, but at least Moo, Cris, Allison and Cetile were there! Oh, and Myradyl came by as well! (We showed her some mesh mermaid stuff!) All in all, best afterparty ever! I can't wait til next year :>
  10. RodeejahUrquan

    VVO Friendsgiving Event 11/30 11 AM SLT

    Hey, cris, how long will the party be going for? I won't be able to slide in until like 1pm SLT.
  11. RodeejahUrquan

    Nobody Cares: PRS

    And, as a followup in a later comment in that thread: credit to Kate Beaton from :3
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    Holy crepes, the Church of Scientology has finally infiltrated Second Life. Well, if it's not them, it's some other sort of cult...or a troll. Slick website, weirdly vague buzzwords and that YT intro vid is the icing on the cult cake. Well, I mean, as long as they aren't hurting themselves or...
  13. RodeejahUrquan

    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    Yeah, pretty much. Also, I have a lot of cute strawberry hats in my inventory that I wanna get some use out of.
  14. RodeejahUrquan

    Nobody cares about food.

    I would ONLY eat that if I literally fasted since I woke and started eating at 5pm. Would I be able to finish that monstrosity? Probably. :geek:
  15. RodeejahUrquan

    What the hell Darnk?!

    Actually.....yes. :)
  16. RodeejahUrquan

    What the hell Darnk?!

    And even with all that fancy buzzing and slashing, ya still would get cowed by one gun D:
  17. RodeejahUrquan

    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    Oh yeah, that's a very nice light up Santa hat. Except um... BAM! Beat that, Midnight!~ >:D >:D
  18. RodeejahUrquan

    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    Come, my darling Boomer, allow me to show you, instead :333 example 1: example 2: example tres: So yeah ^^ but a more beige/pastel version of this. And that's it, I guess :3
  19. RodeejahUrquan

    Michael Bloomberg runs for presidency

    He's 80? He looks pretty good. Too bad with that age doesn't come the wisdom of STAYING OUT OF FUCKING RING AND LETTING NEW BLOOD COME IN AND REVAMP THE PARTY. :mad: I'm sorry, I'm cool, I'm cool. It's just that the wtf factor is really strong with that guy. And as a New Yorker my eyes just...