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  1. Cristiano

    netflix Trixie Mattel and Katya - I Like To Watch

    Trixie Kattel and Katya Zamolodchikova have a hilarious series of videos for Netflix called "I Like To Watch", where they comment on Netflix series and movies. So far they have covered Season 3 of The Crown, A Knight Before Christmas and Dolly Parton's Heartstrings:
  2. Cristiano

    Euro Truck Simulator 2: Road To The Black Sea DLC

    New expansion for ETS2:
  3. Cristiano

    My Pet Collection Is Out Of Control

    Since coming back to SL, I've become obsessed with animesh pets, and I've somehow turned into a goddamned zookeeper. Presently, I have a horse, a unicorn, three dogs, two cats, a baby leopard, alpacas, a parrot, a bunny, pygmy goats, dolphins, baby reindeer and a shark. Some examples:
  4. Cristiano

    New Linden Home Theme - Victorian

    The latest Linden Home theme has been revealed:
  5. Cristiano

    Best Comedy Series of 2019

    I loved every single one of these:
  6. Cristiano

    Kamala Harris Drops Out Of Presidential Race
  7. Cristiano

    Moonshiner Role Coming To Red Dead Online Dec. 13th
  8. Cristiano

    Lil Bub Has Passed Away :(

    I just saw this post on Facebook: This makes me incredibly sad. In the midst of the world being so fucking awful, seeing posts about Lil Bub always made me smile.
  9. Cristiano

    Best Drama Series Of 2019

    TVLine has put together a list of their best drama series for 2019. It was definitely a good year for television:
  10. Cristiano

    Humble Bundle - Painter

    There is a great bundle for graphic designers right now on Humble - I grabbed it just for Corel Painter 2019, but it has a lot of other great stuff in it...
  11. Cristiano


    I had this message when I signed in: [21:33] lucagrabacr Resident: Good day, Brother / Sister Cristiano, this is a reminder message, the VES Fidelis Ascension Ceremony will be conducted in 3 days on December 1st, 2019 @ 2PM SLT. You've received this message because you're one of the attendees...
  12. Cristiano

    VVO Friendsgiving Event 11/30 11 AM SLT

    I am hosting the first annual VVO Friendsgiving Event on Saturday, 11/30 starting at 11 AM SLT. It's a chance to say how thankful I am for all of you and spend time together in SL. Details of the exact location will follow and I will send out a notice the day of the event to both the VVO and...
  13. Cristiano

    Oh SL Group Chat, Never Change

    I will spoiler this since it is nsfw:
  14. Cristiano

    Kesha ~ My Own Dance

    I am so happy she's back:
  15. Cristiano

    Second Life Goals Accomplished

    I only had two simple goals in SL, and now I've accomplished them both. 1) Never wear shoes: 2) Carry around a little parrot for no reason:
  16. Cristiano

    One Of The Best Game Screen Shots I've Ever Captured

    Red Dead Redepmtion Online, the online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2, has one of the most beautiful open worlds I've ever seen in a game. As part of that, the storms in it can be quite dramatic (you can be struck by lighting). Last night I managed to capture this image just at the right time:
  17. Cristiano

    Last Names Are Coming Back, Along With Premium, Marketplace and Event Changes
  18. Cristiano

    Netanyahu Indicted On Bribery And Fraud Charges

    This is a preview of Trump's future, I hope:
  19. Cristiano

    A Business Case For Dropping Internet Explorer

    I am so thankful as a developer that I don't have to deal with IE anymore.