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  1. Sid


    We don't have some sort of royalty. NL is a kingdom just like the UK. And just like in the UK our king has no or little political power. Their function is mainly ceremonial, just like for instance the president of Germany. Political power is with the parliament and the government. Of course...
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    If you would go out in the streets and ask the Dutch what it is, you would find that a vast majority will not have a clue what you are talking about. And on top of that it is mostly a royal thingy.
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    The fact that something is in place since ......... (fill in the date) has often more importance than efficiency. The British love traditions far more than the rest of the EU. And the parties that gain the most of the somewhat outdated democratic system will do everything to keep it in place of...
  4. Sid

    New Linden Home Theme - Victorian

    If the availability is as scarce as the other themed homes, I'm totally unimpressed.
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    Of course there are more items that need attention. But I have the feeling that the Brexit topic is avoided as much as possible as subject. And this is not just an election IMHO. It was mainly triggered because of te failure to solve the Brexit thingy. So that should be at least the main focal...
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    Europe is waiting and waiting and waiting... So let's have elections that go about everything except where they are held for. Onward to a next extension.... the fools in Brussels will wait and wait and wait and wait....... What other games can we think of? A second referendum? Yet another...
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    Happy Birthday Aztek!

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    Yay! Christmas Season Has Officially Begun!

    I don't need dictionaries, I always take the bus.
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    Origins of the Opioid Crisis

    My dentist said to take paracetamol if needed, max 4 times 1000 mg a day, when he removed my wisdom teeth. That did not make it painless all the time during the days after treatment, but it was good enough to live trough these days. After 2 days pain was so far down that I could stop with the...
  10. Sid

    What did you pick up on Black Friday?

    Maybe a tiger or two escaped in the neighborhood?
  11. Sid

    Coffee is my favorite co-worker.

    Coffee is my favorite co-worker.
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    What did you pick up on Black Friday?

    Most retailers over here organized a Black Friday weekend and some even a whole week. Yeah, I'm so happy. :censored: I don't care that they do so, whatever floats their boats, but the tons of advertisement.... bleh.
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    Maybe we should start an inworld VVO Holy Moses Award Society.
  14. Sid

    Anyone else getting seriously worried Trump will win in 2020?

    45 holds the better cards at the moment. A second term is possible. But who knows. A lot can happen in the next months. It would be a good things if the Dems could unite quickly around one candidate and not have to fight each other until their national convention. A quick collapse of the economy...
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    Cuteness Galore

  16. Sid

    Yay! Christmas Season Has Officially Begun!

    One class at the school where I volunteer, has started to practice this routine for this years Christmas show.
  17. Sid

    VVO Friendsgiving Event 11/30 11 AM SLT

    I've just popped in and out. It looks great. Nice to see that big crowd. But conversation really went to quick for me with so many people contributing. My a bit limited eyesight didn't help either. Well, I gave it a try.
  18. Sid

    What did you pick up on Black Friday?

    Nothing, rien, niets, gar nichts, nada, niente. The Dutch retailers are trying to make Black Friday an important event as well, but I refuse to buy something on that day (except maybe food I need).