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  1. Ailsa Muliaina

    Yay! Bakes on Mesh arrives on Monday.

    Must admit as a system avi user I didn't think BOM was going to be really relevant to me, but if it means creators start including system layers again it helps me too :) As for the hands and feet thing, paws and or gloves are fantastic for covering hand glitches. No idea exactly where the...
  2. Ailsa Muliaina

    You kids get off my console! Old people playing video games

    My dad's in his mid 70's, mum's early 60's... both have played games since they got me a Commodore 64 as a kid. I doubt my parents are the only ones who played alongside their kids and kept doing it :) I'm not sure if our street in London was exceptional, but the 6 families we regularly spoke...
  3. Ailsa Muliaina

    Remember when Tumblr was worth 1.1 billion dollars?

    A fear years ago, I'd have cheered when Automattic bought Tumblr. But the state Wordpress is these days, I'm glad I don't use Tumblr. I can't remember seeing a tech company purchase and thinking "oh they're totally worth that much money" - it always has the feeling of fantasy and rich...
  4. Ailsa Muliaina

    Slink utilities HUD stopped working

    I don't use the mesh bodies so can't speak from experience, but whenever I've had really bad clothing issues I TP somewhere out in the middle of the linden ocean and strip off everything and relog. Then start adding things 1 at a time and see if they behave better. It seems to give things a...
  5. Ailsa Muliaina

    Account Changes (LL Blog)

    Yep, the fee to take out to Paypal/bank is 5% with a minimum fee of $3, max $500. Which is why you really notice the fees on smaller cash-outs now.
  6. Ailsa Muliaina

    Account Changes (LL Blog)

    Until now it's been a safe enough thing to do. So anyone who didn't read the Tilia info really carefully could think their dollar balance is totally safe. I think the inactivity fees are something LL should have highlighted in their emails to customers and in the terms for Tilia. Part of the...
  7. Ailsa Muliaina

    Account Changes (LL Blog)

    Just noticed this here in the discussion thread on official forums: So with a bit of luck, maybe some of us won't have to re-verify ID. I'm still cashing out before 1st August just in case, but hopefully we won't need to re-send documents.
  8. Ailsa Muliaina

    Account Changes (LL Blog)

    I only kept a dollar balance to cover tier/premium, so I'll just cash out anything I have before August 1st and see how much info Tilia wants to verify my ID for future cash outs. There's a limit to the hoops I'm willing to jump through for SL cash outs. The inactivity fee isn't going to affect...
  9. Ailsa Muliaina

    Preventing Unwelcome Twitter Mentions

    Sounds like someone thought they'd be smart and @ someone on twitter without checking they had the correct username. If it seems people are making a genuine mistake, tweet a reply and point out that they got the wrong username. They should be decent enough to delete the tweet and tweet another...
  10. Ailsa Muliaina

    Has SL Fashion Become Too Homogeneous?

    I joked with Mr Muliaina the other week - I've bought more houses than clothes this year. Currently at zero clothing purchases this year. I don't really remember buying any clothes last year either. I've lost all interest in the mainstream SL fashions, I'm very clearly not their target customer...
  11. Ailsa Muliaina

    [RFC] "This mad sexual brainwashing must be resisted"

    I realise there are professionals who can get access to check children are ok and report problems. My concern is that some areas have high caseloads, staffing issues and budget cuts to contend with. The safety net probably isn't as strong and reliable all over the country.
  12. Ailsa Muliaina

    [RFC] "This mad sexual brainwashing must be resisted"

    Articles like this make me think it's even more important that we have compulsary sex/relationship education. Sometimes it's the parents, not teachers who are likely to indocrinate the children and cause them to believe a whole lot of toxic crap.Some adults have the misguided belief they're...
  13. Ailsa Muliaina

    Would you ever give your avatar(s) an Instagram?

    I don't use Instagram in RL or SL, same goes for Facebook. For other platforms, I just give people my RL profiles if they ask. I'm the same person - Ailsa's just cuter, feline and swears less. Though Ailsa on Twitter would rage tweet whenever I nuke her house to build something, poor cat has...
  14. Ailsa Muliaina

    WTF LOL! Please check out the SL blog

    I'm not sure LL are the best people to try a carrot and stick approach in converting basic users to premium. Certainly not if these changes are anything to go by :D I don't think the changes are helpful for SL businesses who use groups for customer communication and IMs for support. At least...
  15. Ailsa Muliaina

    Zooby Releases Animesh Babies in Second Life: I Test Drive One.

    I can't identify exactly what it is that makes me feel creeped out and a bit of revulsion around SL babies, I think it's a combination of the babies and their owners together. The babies do have the uncanny valley thing, and some of us have seen certain horror movies with dolls which REALLY...
  16. Ailsa Muliaina

    When will I learn not to post in games forums?

    Forum staff changes are yeah... been there :D It's one of those jobs that can attract the best and worst of people.
  17. Ailsa Muliaina

    When will I learn not to post in games forums?

    That sounds like pretty crappy moderation tbh, when I was a games mod we'd always quote and explain what someone had done wrong. You can't get users to behave better if they don't know what they did! If it's a "personal attack" then you could have some over-sensitive person reporting and a mod...
  18. Ailsa Muliaina

    Zooby Releases Animesh Babies in Second Life: I Test Drive One.

    They're obviously well made and someone's taken time, but that's off the scale creepy :D I'm interested to see what some of the pets look like though, I don't find animals creepy in SL unless they're the dead-eyed horses. A LI of 15 per animesh plus the mesh itself might curtail some breedable...
  19. Ailsa Muliaina

    Yay! Fresh New Linden Homes are Here with New Themes and Larger Options

    There might be some "occupied" spaces as new occupants swap around between plots too. I do like the new houses, especially the houseboats. I can't justify the tier bump just now, but I still kinda want one in the future :D
  20. Ailsa Muliaina

    Facebook is asking for some new users' email password

    Facebook and Google probably have "unintentional programmers" working alongside PR teams producing the excuses for when they get caught. Maybe if folk pick up on their shenanigans fast enough, the "accidents" will gradually become less profitable.