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    I take this as a fundamental misunderstanding of the EU on the part of Brexiters. They seem to think that the EU is an entity that exists entirely independent of the 28 states that make it up. Which is why they are focused on the "loss of sovereignty" caused by joining the EU. On the other...
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    Remakes--yea or nay?

    If there is a good reason. The Maltese Falcon took three tries. Some older films benefit from newer technology, or have pieces that don't age well for various reasons. And I can think of a good number of stories that can benefit from the current trend of big budget series that all for more...
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    Nobody Cares: PRS

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    Nobody cares about food.

    Take my side of kraut. Can't stand the stuff.
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    Nobody cares about food.

    I am 99% certain that a ruben is NOT a sausage.
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    Nobody cares about food.

    So how come when I order a sausage pizza I have to add pepperoni?
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    Nobody cares about food.

    Yes. An edible sandwich.
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    Nobody Cares: PRS

    Not as a whole, but the use of Latinx is a way to try to introduce an inclusive way of talking about people.
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    Nobody Cares: PRS

    A quick primer
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    We Are A Harsh Viper's Nest

    I was once called evil con carne.
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    Also, the madder the Hulk gets, the dumber the Hulk gets.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    What the hell Darnk?!

    Should be either all black or available in brass for jazz funerals.
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    Increased Cases Of Lung Disease From Vaping Remain A Mystery

    It did start shortly after vaping products fell under a 25% tariff, leading to a shift in supply chains and cutting corners on some products.
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    Microsoft and Android

    Messaging already works. Notifications sync. Some apps have a Continue on PC option.
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    Bolton is out

    The irony is that the one time Bolton was right, it got him fired.