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  1. Tirellia

    WTF What would make someone put this out into the Twitter verse?

    Perhaps Twitter could be renamed Fuckwitter and the people who use it could then officially be called Fuckwits. Because that's really all the platform is good for. Fuckwittery. I have no idea if Danielle/ladypalerider was being serious and I'm not about to delve into the realm of fuckwittery...
  2. Tirellia

    What SL Features Would You Like To See Added?

    A mainland region is typically set to a 40 avatar limit. A 512 sq m parcel is 1/64 of a sim. So you couldn't even use your own parcel. And even if you have a 1024 you couldn't invite a friend.
  3. Tirellia

    New? I think not.

    Yay! Slowly the important people err horses, make their way back to the paddock :)
  4. Tirellia

    Question about Glastonbury for SL UK Peeps

    Glastonbury is more like Woodstock than Burning Man. It takes place roughly four years out of five, the 'fallow' year is to let the land recover from all the drugs dropped in the previous years (or just to recover from all the people :P ). 2012 was a fallow year, all the nation's portable...
  5. Tirellia

    second life Show your Second Life Photos

    Drakotron by Eliska Darkfold, on Flickr SL profile pic for a friend. He's wearing whatever he's wearing, I just provided a background (Varonis Coven skybox) and minimal photoshoppery.
  6. Tirellia

    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    Watch Where You Step Free gifts looted from the ManCave anniversary event and assembled into a rare tomboy look. Hat and hair from Lock & Tuft Sweater from Val'more Trainers from Gabriel Boombox from Bondi Background from The Bearded Guy
  7. Tirellia

    Has SL Fashion Become Too Homogeneous?

    I don't really think that SL fashion has become homogeneous, but I think the mainstream events have gone that way. There's almost an event style and I can see how that is annoying to a lot of people. I certainly find myself skimming through Seraphim and finding one outfit per event that's worth...
  8. Tirellia

    Has SL Fashion Become Too Homogeneous?

    Unless there's a real need to keep everything matching I tend to cobble together outfits from multiple sources. Here are a few of my favourites: SciFi: A&Y, Graves, Plastix, r2, The Forge, AsteroidBox, Insanya, Wicca's Wardrobe, Hypnos, Meva, Yasum Fantasy: Zenith, Moon Elixir, aisling...
  9. Tirellia

    Yay! Fresh New Linden Homes are Here with New Themes and Larger Options

    I liked the look of the old fantasy themed Linden Home sims. Randomly spaced homes, lots of trees and plants, waterways, hills and slopes. Unfortunately the buildings were no mod and included details which were annoying. I'd certainly be tempted by something like that with the new 1024...
  10. Tirellia

    Has SL Fashion Become Too Homogeneous?

    Next challenge :p
  11. Tirellia

    Completing outfits....

    Lassitude & Ennui has some applier leather leggings which I like for fantasy outfits, navel-baring though. Also more flat boots. Givoria and Villena have some decent high waist leggings and even Blueberry and Just Because have some high waist jeans and pants.
  12. Tirellia

    Completing outfits....

    Zenith has flat boots. Kokoia and Pure Poison have some good sandals in addition to those already mentioned.
  13. Tirellia

    WTF LOL! Please check out the SL blog

    I've had a premium account since I joined SL. I was seriously thinking about going premium on 3 alts so I could have a 4096 parcel. That would have been $288 per year. Now it would be $396. No thanks. No way. With the price increase it is cheaper for me to buy L$ and rent a plot of land. I'm...
  14. Tirellia

    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    Snow Falls by Eliska Darkfold I saw this sim on Irara Pey's blog and just had to go and take some pictures there. Miniskirt in the snow because it's SL and I can :P
  15. Tirellia

    CDC romaine lettuce warning

    :ROFLMAO: That is all.
  16. Tirellia

    CDC romaine lettuce warning

    Kale is cattle feed. In the spring you can take the young shoots and steam them as a veggie to have with your roast dinner. That's all. It's not a superfood and it's not for eating raw. It's just another cabbage for boiling. I blame Californians for trying to make it trendy :beatup:
  17. Tirellia

    Recreating My IMVu Avatar in Second Life

    Just keep playing with your avatar height in Appearance mode until you get the height you want. Bear in mind you'll want to balance leg length, hip length and torso length as well as height or you can get a weird shape. For the horns, no you probably won't need to have them made. I'd start...
  18. Tirellia

    What is the draw of Sansar?

    Because Ebbe told us Sansar would be like SL but better. :P
  19. Tirellia

    second life Show your Second Life Sci-Fi Photos

    Space Station Number 5 by Eliska Darkfold