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    Yay! Robert Mueller Has Submitted His Report

    The Mueller Report Is an Impeachment Referral OK, let's do this thing...
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    The Make us Laugh Challenge Thread

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    Democratic Party Presidential Candidates for 2020

    26%. Well within the range... Crazification factor - RationalWiki
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    hbo Game of Thrones, The Final Season

    So, is this the next big meme thing?
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    All the textures

    Well, I WAS a pony! Snapzilla Snapshot ~ Free Xue - Prim pony Sadly, just a one texture pony, though.
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    Dogs are weird

    "Now where did my socks get to?"
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    Cuteness Galore

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    Nobody Cares if it's Off Topic

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    The Make us Laugh Challenge Thread

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    What the hell Darnk?!

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    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire.

    Probably too soon.
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    Republican Party Presidential Candidates for 2020

    Ann Coulter says she could vote for Sanders if he changed views on immigration
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    All the textures

    How much does it cost to be your real dad? For like, just a day.
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    Posting is fun!!!

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    Totally random picture thread

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    Facebook is asking for some new users' email password

    People really need to stop catching Facebook unintentionally doing things. Really, people...