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  1. Cristiano

    Theme changes

    As part of correcting some issues from the upgrade, I had to revert the dark and light themes and reapply changes to them. In order to do that, I had to create new themes - Dark Theme 2 and Light Theme 2. If you had Light Theme selected as your default, it may revert you back to Dark Theme 2...
  2. Cristiano

    Upgrade issues

    I've sorted out the font issue and some other weirdness - it took reverting the two themes to get it to correct them, but then had to recustomize them, which I'm working on. When I'm done, the current dark and light themes will be replaced with themes of the same name, but you will probably have...
  3. Cristiano

    Democratic Party Presidential Candidates for 2020

    Nevada Democrats announce changes to 2020 caucus
  4. Cristiano

    feature Link Previews

    One of the new features of Xenforo 2.1 is it provides link previews when possible, not just the title of the link. Example: It also pulls through a preview image if one is available.
  5. Cristiano

    Oculus Rift S Announced

    The Oculus Rift headset is getting an upgrade in the form of the Oculus Rift S, available this spring for $399. It offers better resolution, a better screen that minimizes the god ray and screen door effect, and most importantly requires no external trackers. It also will have a pass through so...
  6. Cristiano

    Upgrade issues

    This was a big update - Xenforo changed some core systems, and also added native support for push notifications (I was using a plugin before). In preferences you have much more control over what you get notified about. Once the dust settles I'm make some posts about the new features. I didn't...
  7. Cristiano

    Upgrade issues

    I opened up a support ticket about the font size - I reverted them back to what they were before, but the updated theme works with rem units instead of pixels. Once I am able to get the two themes to correctly use rem units without looking gigantic (which you saw last night), then the font size...
  8. Cristiano

    Upgrade issues

    Sadly, it seems one change is that you can no longer react multiple times to the same post with different reactions. The new Xenforo reaction system is a Facebook style one.
  9. Cristiano

    VVO Upgrade

    Thanks, I have set it on the light theme as well.
  10. Cristiano

    VVO Upgrade

    Can you check it again? I bumped up the fonts and also restored the highlight color for threads with unread posts.
  11. Cristiano

    Upgrade issues

    The newest version of Xenforo changed a few core features, and one of the major changes was to the reaction system. Previously, Xenforo had no reactions beyond like, so I had an addon for the additional ones. That add on stopped working with the upgrade. However, the addon maker released an...
  12. Cristiano

    VVO Upgrade

    Aware of that too, I'll post when everything is completely back to normal. I did some stuff in the early days of VVO when I didn't know Xenforo super well that I'm having to correct.
  13. Cristiano

    VVO Upgrade

    I am aware of the size issue, it was a big update, I'm fixing some things now.
  14. Cristiano

    VVO Upgrade

    I am going to undertake the first upgrade of VVO to a new version later this evening so the site will be down for a bit. Hopefully it will go smoothly.
  15. Cristiano

    Nobody Cares: Gaming Edition

  16. Cristiano

    Democratic Party Presidential Candidates for 2020

    Beto O'Rourke Raised Record-Breaking $6.1 Million In First 24 Hours Of Campaign | HuffPost
  17. Cristiano

    Happy 30th Anniversary, World Wide Web!

    The World Wide Web Turns 30. Where Does It Go From Here?
  18. Cristiano

    Luke Perry Suffers Major Stroke

    I just saw this week's episode of Riverdale, which is one of the last filmed while Luke was still alive. The scene he was in was particularly poignant, and I admit I teared up seeing him. Luke Perry's Latest 'Riverdale' Scene Is Tearing up Fans
  19. Cristiano

    #JAILTOTHECHIEF- Shit Just Got Real

    This is really funny:
  20. Cristiano

    Operation Varsity Blues: Felicity Huffman and Others Charged In College Cheating Scheme

    Operation Varsity Blues: could we be staring at this generation's Watergate?