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  1. Marita

    Join the Green Lanterns - Protect and Serve in Second Life!

    I had hopes that this thread could approach the JLU or RedZone level but sadly I do not think this thread will last very long.
  2. Marita

    A Question On Naming

    SLU is my vote my brain never did switch to VVO which always looked like WO to my old eyeballs
  3. Marita

    Famous movie quotes, but add "you piece of shit" to the end.

    I'll be back ... you piece of shit.
  4. Marita

    Sign on panel

    Just a guess ... see if you can click the "Preferences" link on that page and if there is a FONT SIZE setting try making it smaller.
  5. Marita

    LOL! Political ZOMGWTF

  6. Marita

    Nobody Cares: PRS

  7. Marita

    Random Youtubeness

    Men and their toys ... but ... it does look like it is fun.
  8. Marita

    Light thread: What ringtone(s) do you use?

    Old Telephone ... but ... it is not in the list
  9. Marita

    The Russia-Ukraine War has begun

    OR Putin thought he heard some grumbling from his ranks of Minions and sent a message via Daria knowing the underlings would get the message clearly.
  10. Marita

    Yay! YEEHAW, it's Shootin' Time

    Isabeau ... you deserve an award just for finding that and bringing it here :)
  11. Marita

    Probiotics/Gut Flora

    Ask Eku about those fermented beans :)
  12. Marita

    Random Youtubeness

  13. Marita

    *IMPORTANT* Need your help for my college thesis

    Unfortunately mine is not in the polls list ... here are the ingredients. 3 scoops of Ice Cream , hand full of nuts , 3 cherries , whipped cream , syrup and a banana.
  14. Marita

    The Russia-Ukraine War has begun

    Finger pointing at unnamed bad actors puts this in the suspicious column for me to believe much of it as true.
  15. Marita

    Random Youtubeness

  16. Marita

    Tucker Carlson is a f*cking lunatic, white supremacist, mysogynist, and Russian propagandist

    Tell them that the IR LED's are not potent enough to do the job. That "Real Men" require the use of a 200 Watt IR Co2 Laser for maximum production of testosterone.
  17. Marita

    Nobody Cares About World News

    7.3 earthquake off Japans coast near Fukushima ... stay safe there people.
  18. Marita

    The Russia-Ukraine War has begun

    One of the Neighboring countries are going to get all antsy now and go full blown Leeroy Jenkins on the Russian military in Ukraine and the rest of NATO has to follow and those of us left after the dust settles will get to use our Fallout 4 game experience in real life.
  19. Marita

    The Russia-Ukraine War has begun

    So Russia is now being reported as attacking a Nuclear Power Station.