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  1. Jolene Benoir

    Gaming Deals

    I have a code for y'all. I got it from Prime Gaming, but I already own it. It is redeemable on GOG. Edit: Oh, might help if I actually name the game. :) It is Hitman Absolution.
  2. Jolene Benoir

    They just get worse and worse

    A whole $12K fine, eh? I wonder how much she was able to raise with it. I mean, it's not only the very minor cost of *doing business*, or in her case, corruption, but she likely will refuse to pay the fine, as well. Our laws and punishments lack teeth, particularly when dealing with malicious...
  3. Jolene Benoir

    Is Douchelini in Jail Yet??

    This is the guy that evangelicals pray over and for as if he is the second coming. It's like this other asshole who had ornaments on his Christmas tree portraying the hanging of Biden and family. This is what passes for Christians, these days, and during Christmas Eve/Day, pure hatred and I...
  4. Jolene Benoir

    SCOTUS set to overturn Roe and Casey

    A Black woman was criminally charged after a miscarriage. It shows the perils of pregnancy post-Roe
  5. Jolene Benoir

    Yay! YEEHAW, it's Shootin' Time

    Reading about that AG...just um...well, she is behind taking the Dobbs case to the SC to overturn Roe v. Wade, she joined the lawsuit which attempted to overturn the 2020 election... Her website hosts the "Parents Bill of Rights" which is just what you would expect it to be...
  6. Jolene Benoir

    Yay! Nobody Cares about Tickle Me Elmo Musk

    How about NO govt subsidy? He paid $44 billion to buy Twitter so that he could turn it into Naziland. I think he can manage the $900 million. He and others like him support ZERO financial assistance for the poor and needy. Fuck him and fuck these public subsidies of billionaires who do not...
  7. Jolene Benoir

    Nobody likes Windows 12

    Um, yeah? Many people buy pre-builts, especially nowadays when the video card alone can cost more than a whole tower and other components have gotten expensive as well, making building your own less feasible than it used to be. Also, what about laptops? Who is building those on their own? I...
  8. Jolene Benoir

    Nobody Cares: Gaming Edition

    Two years last time. 2013 for consoles, 2015 for pc. I just reached a milestone in Online. I had stopped playing it somewhere in 2021, but earlier this year had my account hacked. I only noticed it because Social Club sent me an email about having changed my username. I knew I had not, so...
  9. Jolene Benoir

    Nobody likes Windows 12

    I have and had 2 different machines with Windows 11. The first was a Lenovo Legion Tower. It came with Windows 10 and did the auto upgrade to 11. All was going well, I didn't have many issues related to anything other than getting used to any UI changes, BUT, Windows 11 gives you firmware...
  10. Jolene Benoir

    Elon f*cks Twitter

    Ew...what even is going on there? His face seems to be melting, the fake American accent is gross, the eyes are muskrat-like, especially when they dart about waiting for applause that isn't coming. He seems satisfied with himself when he has to repeat it, gets a few chuckles. This is a guy who...
  11. Jolene Benoir

    Nobody Cares: PRS
  12. Jolene Benoir

    Nobody Cares: PRS
  13. Jolene Benoir

    Elon f*cks Twitter

    Not sure if this has been posted before. Musk certainly seems to be taking a page from his grandfather's life, right down to the X's, anti-semitism, white supremacy, etc.... He should just relabel it as Stormfront...
  14. Jolene Benoir

    Is Douchelini in Jail Yet?? I dunno. It was obvious to me from the start. The screeching and pure hatred of his fellow Americans has gotten louder as the court cases continue, but he was always a facist and a traitor.
  15. Jolene Benoir

    Yay! Nobody Cares about Tickle Me Elmo Musk

    Oops, sorry about that. I did not encounter that, so I didn't realize it was paywalled. Must be a setting I have invoked.
  16. Jolene Benoir

    Yay! Nobody Cares about Tickle Me Elmo Musk
  17. Jolene Benoir

    Tucker Carlson is a f*cking lunatic, white supremacist, mysogynist, and Russian propagandist

    I saw something similar yesterday, coming from another high profile idiot. This does seem to be making the rounds recently among them as they shout it from the rooftops; the latest iteration of their "white genocide" screeching. ETA: I remember what it was now. A siimilar statement was made...
  18. Jolene Benoir

    Gamergate is still starting fires

    Echo chambers online at places like Reddit/YouTube/the assorted Chans, etc... Constant reinforcement by like-minded peers. I was so very excited the first time I ever went online. I was even more excited when I went to places like Encylopedia Brittanica and any educational/artistic sites. I...
  19. Jolene Benoir

    Yay! YEEHAW, it's Shootin' Time

    Holy shit. The Washington Post has a 3 part article, published today showing the results of some major AR-15 shootings in America. This includes descriptions, images and words of survivor's and first responders. This includes 11 shootings between 2012 and 2023, including among them Uvalde...
  20. Jolene Benoir

    Nobody Cares: PRS This man is unwell, yet it is Arizona so ,who knows, he may actually win. I would like off this ride.