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  1. Sid

    A new SL membership plan and new tier pricing for mainland are announced.

    Now we will have plus, premium and premium plus memberships. And tier prices are reduced a bit. And there is no longer VAT on the membership plans. The new mainland pricing: VAT still applies on tier as I read it. The plus plan: Link to LL blog post
  2. Sid

    Christmas 2022: It's time to put up the Christmas lights again.

    What, Halloween is done, isn't it?
  3. Sid

    Is Tilia taking off now? If JP-Morgan sees possibilities, who knows. I wonder if it is a good thing or a bad thing for LL and Second Life in the long term.
  4. Sid

    Premium plus offers SpeedLight viewer for mobile phone.
  5. Sid

    Linden Lab acquires CasperTech in Second Life

    Blog post here. I like it. After all when you use the system, one has to give permission to withdraw money from ones account if needed. Being it under LL responsibility makes it a bit more secure IMHO. So who knows, I'm gonna trow in an inworld shop again in the future.
  6. Sid

    Happy Birthday HEX!

    I wonder if our BURRITO WARRIER is still lurking here. Just in case: Happy Birthday HEX!
  7. Sid

    Happy Birthday Caete!

  8. Sid

    Happy Birthday WolfEyes!

  9. Sid

    Queen Elizabeth II 1926 - 2022

    Sadly, I think we will need a thread for her here on SL for now and the near future. That a lot of the relatives are on their way to Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands, where the queen stays at the moment, isn't a good sign IMHO. I hope I'm wrong...
  10. Sid

    Will 2023 be the last year for SL?

    Inflation is killing all over the world at the moment. In NL the inflation is 12% at the moment compared with September last year. Vattenfall (one of the largest energy suppliers in NL) anounced another 50% (!!) increase of the energy costs for households. People who don't have a long term...
  11. Sid

    Name Change changed. No longer needed to get a premium account first. Edit to add: But if you do the math, a one months premium account is still the cheaper option than paying as a basic account, because you get the stipend. Sigh, LL....
  12. Sid

    Bernard Cribbins (Dr Who) dies aged 93

    😢 Rest in peace.
  13. Sid

    Extending MFA Protection to Viewer Login Maybe useful if you have big sums of money in world. But otherwise.... nah. I keep it as it is.
  14. Sid

    LL had another fabulous brainwave: The event region.

    Shell out the Shekels until it goes no more please. What will be the hosting costs for them? 50 USD a month? I wonder when they can be arsed to do something that benefits us poor regulars with no gazillion dollar budgets.
  15. Sid

    Metaverse gets a 2 billion dollar boost. Wow that could give a boost to virual worlds in the future.
  16. Sid

    Aprils Fool 2022: New SL feature today implemented: Leg lock.

    Patch Linden just announced on the official forums that there will be a new feature as from today in SL. The leg lock. So whatever will happen in the future of the metaverse, like merging platforms with meta, we can always have our legs. Yes I had to read that twice too. I first thought to...
  17. Sid

    The 19th birthday is coming up! Just glue some gears on it. :D
  18. Sid

    SL charging sales taxes for US residents starting March 31.

    So no Aprils fool prank I guess. Since there is nothing changing in the US tax laws, it only means the tax is no longer included in the prices like the last years, but now LL is gonna charge extra for them. Meaning...
  19. Sid

    360 SL picture test

    Sid's Aloha Beach My current home in Second Life. 360 picture, made with the latest SL viewer and uploaded to google photo's. Edit to add: I can't get it directly shown here, but the link works. After you click on the link, click on the picture to enlarge. After that, click on the icon in the...
  20. Sid

    New SL names released

    Foxpaws Captain Starchild Blep Grumpypants Jackman Kiko Norbert Ayashi Corvinus McGregor Marques Rizzo I could do without the Corvinus one. Would Sid Grumptypants be something?