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  1. Aribeth Zelin

    Unconstitutional SCOTUS rulings

    Thought I'd make a thread for all of them. Today's news was that its 'unconstitutional' to not allow racial gerrymandering. Again, a law from Congress/Pres can be struck down the moment a case goes to SCOTUS, folks... So.... It won't completely work - Alabama, much like other former slave...
  2. Aribeth Zelin

    Why we need to stop worrying over political purity and vote blue

    Swiped this off of Facebook. Nothing here surprises me, really. Heinlein warned about this in several stories, most notable being Stranger in a Strange Land [though it isn't as dire as the warning in one of the novellas in Past through Tomorrow['I can't remember the name of the specific one -...
  3. Aribeth Zelin

    OMG - A Disney lifesim? Got it on my wishlist - it looks cute.
  4. Aribeth Zelin

    Moses J Moseley found dead

    First, I hope this is the right spot, seemed appropriate. Not familiar with him or his work, but we had a mutual friend, and well, 31 is way too young.
  5. Aribeth Zelin

    Rush Limbaugh - dead at 70 Can't say I'm sad at all. The opposite, really.
  6. Aribeth Zelin

    Working with Media on a Prim

    First, if I got the wrong thread, please someone move to right place? So, finally decided I wanted to make a working TV for my SL home, so can watch movies with my spouse without having to go into his office and watching them on his computer because we don't have a TV... So, I set it up...
  7. Aribeth Zelin

    Hi again

    Hi guys, don't pay attention for a month and everything changes on me. Using my SL 'main' name, because its my Sinespace 'main' name too, at least for now.