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  1. Bea McMahon

    Male Mesh Avatars

  2. Bea McMahon

    Male Mesh Avatars

    So - here we go. Shot at my house, just using a pose from the AO. Signature Geralt body and head. Using skins included. Hair is Peter by Bryce Designs - Ned was wearing an older Bryce Designs style. Outfit is Oliver by Hoornbeeck. Need some mesh eyes, a tux, and maybe 1 more outfit. Yeah, I...
  3. Bea McMahon

    Male Mesh Avatars

    Yeah, but even then, it's 12 years old - plus! And that was the stuff that was new, then! My thought on this is evolving...if this is an "every now and then" account to use, some of the stuff Lewis talked about does not matter...not gonna be buying lots of clothes..certainly less than I do...
  4. Bea McMahon

    Male Mesh Avatars

    Thank you! I did find it, eventually! I had a long talk with Lewis Luminos (whom some of you surely remember, and who has been a friend of mine for over a dozen years). Lewis reports that Slink, Adam, Geralt, and Jake are all losing ground. He referred to Jake as "abandonware" - highly flawed...
  5. Bea McMahon

    Male Mesh Avatars

    Thank you for your feedback. Right now I am collecting body demos - and heads - and checking pricing. I will certainly look at clothing before I make a decision. I don't have any idea how much Ned would actually be around, so I don't see a large wardrobe, but, again, I want to look like a...
  6. Bea McMahon

    Male Mesh Avatars

    It's been a long, long time since my old pal Ned Easterwood has made an appearance. I am thinking about reviving him. He is, of course, completely a classic av at this point. What are some mesh bodies that I might look at that would give me the look of a rather regular sort of fellow? I would...
  7. Bea McMahon

    Some things never change!

    I recently acquired a couple of pairs of cute over the knee winter-y mesh socks. I was in a silly mood today, so I put on socks, boots, bra,panties, and winter coat, and went looking for a place to take pics. I found one, and was taking pictures, when two different men IM'ed me. The first was...
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    Happy New Year 2021!

    Happy New Year!
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    Avatar help

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    Happy Birthday PaperB!

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    Happy Birthday Selinica!

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    Happy Birthday Caete!

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    Happy Birthday Liru!

  15. Bea McMahon

    Would you want an avatar that sorta looks like you in every game you play?

    Nobody said that it had to be a current picture. I look like me with a minor variation or two...OK, not so minor. :)
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    Happy Birthday detrius!

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    Happy Birthday Roxanne Blue!

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    Happy Birthday Bondmaster!

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    Happy Birthday Jolene Benoir!