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  1. Adam Frisby

    Making Comic Style Stuff

    Thought I'd cross-post this from my recent upload GitHub I just finished a 4 part tutorial series on non-photorealistic rendering in the Sinespace youtube channel - but I've uploaded the key source files; the 'shaders' to make comic-style semi-PBR environments which might be useful if you're...
  2. Adam Frisby

    2018.9 Update / Release Notes

    Hey everyone, I figured I'd slightly cross-post from our blog (original post here) with what's in our 2018.9 update. You can get this one by ticking 'Creator Preview Release' on our installer, or going to (for Mac/Linux users) I won't post the full list of release...
  3. Adam Frisby

    What's on in Sinespace, Community Links, etc!

    Hi everyone, If you're curious about Sinespace - I've got a list below of things you might want to look at: Community Links: Our Flickr Group: sinespace The Event Calendar (in Pacific Time): space Events Our Discord Group: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers (join for event...