Xmas Tree Mesh Advent Calendar

Xmas Tree Mesh Advent Calendar

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Persephone's Grove
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No Copy, Transfer, Modify
This festive mesh calendar allows the owner to distribute unlimited boxed-object presents when the drawer-of-the-day is touched. Presents are distributed on specified days only and can be redelivered only on the designated day.

This item only works during the month of December, from December 1 to December 24.

The advent calendar is modifiable, but the no mod scripts it contains make it show as no mod in inventory.

Since the advent calendar script allows the recipient to receive the present-of-the-day each time the recipient clicks the drawer-of-the-day prim, it is recommended that you set the next-owner permissions of your present to No Trans.

This advent calendar is ideal for distributing holiday promotional items for merchants.

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