[ WoO ] Chomper Carnivorous Plant - Animesh Pet!

[ WoO ] Chomper Carnivorous Plant - Animesh Pet!

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Wilds of Organica
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Wilds of Organica has the great privilege of being a part of Gacha Garden this May and these adorable carnivorous plants will be available! Full details for use are available here (http://www.akimeta.com/organica/?page_id=3072) but here are some quick details:

In addition to the twelve main items you can win, the Gilt Fantasy colour is available *exclusively* as a Gacha Garden Seeds of Inspiration item, which means one will be dispensed every twenty plays, but also that this particular colour will be retired once the event has ended.

This AniMesh pet can be held or rezzed on the ground, is available in 12 colours, and operates independently of any other Chomper. Rez on the ground and click to turn on/off movement or to change its movement range. Wear to hold using a Bento-friendly animation!

This pet is *also* convertible to a full avatar (with an add-on pack, sold separately at the Wilds of Organica main store).

Gacha Garden opens May 1 and runs thru May 22 – Check out WoO’s Gacha Vendor here: Second Life Maps |

Much Thanks to NeoBokrug Elytis for his help putting together the scripted elements for this and Aposiopesis Fullstop for her thoughtful and thorough copy-editing :)
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  1. Now available at main store!

    As Gacha Garden has ended, the Chomper Animesh & Avatar conversion kit are now available on-site...