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Residential The Wastelands: School's Out Land Sale

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School's Out, Memorial Day, whatever the reason, The Wastelands is having it's sometimes maybe annual-ish land sale!
If you ever wanted to find a home for yourself in The Wastelands, or just expand your ever growing empire here, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity.

ONLY Monday May 27th: Buy a parcel at normal price, get *8* weeks of tier included. Don't miss out!
May 28th to June 3rd: Buy a parcel at normal price, get *6* weeks of tier included.
Our land normally comes with just 4 weeks of tier, but this special sale gives you way more time to enjoy your stay here.

The Wastelands is Second Life's oldest and largest post apocalyptic themed estate and community; established way back in January of 2007.
As per usual because of the sale, our Free Move program will be suspended until the end of June.
All sale dates end at midnight SLT(PDT) of their respective last day.
You can find our current available parcels here, or by opening up your map in Second Life, typing in "The Wastelands", and ticking "Land Sale".
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