TAKEN - 1/4 full region L$3475pw  5000 LI

Residential TAKEN - 1/4 full region L$3475pw 5000 LI

Land Size
16384 sqm
Prims Per Parcel
This parcel is for residential use, with a Moderate region rating. It offers 5,000 prims at L$3,475 per week on 16,384 sqm. The region aims to have a Northern European/Canadian ambience and has seasonal changes. The neighbours are excellent :) I'll consider extending the rental to my quarter as well (leaving 16sqm for the rental boxes) if you need more space (I'll find somewhere, don't worry about me *sob*). Full information is in a notecard from the green rental box.
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  1. Parcel Reserved

    The parcel is now off the market and reserved for someone who'll be building a murder mystery...