Smokey Mountain Cottage

Smokey Mountain Cottage

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The Smokey Mountain Cottage Part Mesh has a footprint of 35 X 35 and a prim count of about 95 for the house and deck. The pool and divider add more prims.

To rez with optional pool and room divider, place Rez box a little above ground level, L Click, and choose Rez. Move and rotate into position. Pool and dividers may be deleted (extras are included in the main box).

The house has two bedrooms and a bathroom, room for a kitchen and breakfast area.

Doors can be easily removed from second bedroom/flex room to make it into a study, bar, or TV room.

For privacy, this house has windows that can display a closed-shutter look from outside, controlled by wall switches inside. The inside texture does not change.

Also included are copyable and modifiable:

* Built in windowseat w bookshelves
* Optional pool with animations (25 x 15)
* unlinked dividing walls for breakfast and dining area
* ceiling fan
* light fixture
* fireplace
* security panel ( no need to bother with useless door lock commands)
* birdbath
* landscaping trees
* snow for roof and ground
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