Repost of my Pumpkins as a Test

Repost of my Pumpkins as a Test

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Repost of my pumpkins , trying out the new market feature.
Celebrate the spooky season in style with this wonderful set of coloured, glowing jack-o-lanterns! Create an eerie glow placing them around your land. Give them out as party favours to guests!
Rez them in a sandbox for seasonal themed surprise! The possibilities are endless.


CC0-BY-NC terms.
This product is released under a Creative Commons Zero-By Attribution- No Commercial License.

You CAN use this product in your builds, give as a gift to your friends, and etc.
You CANNOT sell this product as is, you MUST make significant changes before selling. You CAN re distribute this as a freebie, but you MUST name me, Proletariangothic Resident, as the original creator. You must name me in any build you make for sale that uses this product.

Note that just changing the colour via tinting, or editing the script does NOT constitute a significant change.
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