[NDC] Terrain Map - Island 1

[NDC] Terrain Map - Island 1

A lush, green island with inland waterways. It's a lovely place to hang out and relax.

This terrain terraforming file was hand made inworld, so you can have confidence it will load and look good without problems.

When you buy this you have permission to use it yourself (but no one else) on any compatible grid.

It is extremely easy to use. It comes with a notecard with full instructions and a picture of the terrain with the terrain texture settings to let you make the textures look like the picture and I'm around to help if you need it.

** You must be an estate owner to load this. If you're not you'll have to email the .raw file to them and ask them to load it. **
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  1. Don't want to go inworld to buy? buy it from the website!

    If you want it straight away and don't want to jig around buying it from the marketplace, buy it...