G&D Sugarplum Fairy Avatar @ SL Christmas Expo

G&D Sugarplum Fairy Avatar @ SL Christmas Expo

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The next generation of fantasy avatar is here, at the SL Christmas Expo!

Christmas Decoration

What makes the Sugarplum Fairy the next generation, you ask?

✅ No onion layers!
✅ No alpha huds
✅ No ugly skin seams
✅ Bento face and hands
✅ 100% unique design- not just the SL avatar shrunk in size
✅ Getting dressed is as simple as when you were system!
✅ So many great options right out of the box!

And with a fully featured developer kit with instructions and a DAE rigging dummy application included, it's EASY and FUN to make content for her. So many possibilities, whether you were a system clothing wizard or are a genius with Maya or Blender.

Yes, that's correct, you can make SYSTEM style clothing skins and eyes, no more fiddling with UUIDs in applier scripts!
Did we mention even with her system style compatibility, you can also tint her , experiment with alpha modes, and add GLOW and SHINE with a fully featured hud? What's more is even with all these great features, she is MODIFY. Tinkerers rejoice!

If you're still not convinced, how about some photos?

Try the demo here today Christmas Decoration , and watch this space! Marketplace links will be added one the 15th, at the closing of the SL Christmas Expo.
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