G&D Ruth 3.5 FREE BODY

G&D Ruth 3.5 FREE BODY

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In 2016, a new open source mesh body was developed by opensim uses intended to update that platform to a legal, non copybot mesh body and also to provide a good alternative for the system avatar to SL users. The final product was the Ruth Body.

(Please also see:https://github.com/RuthAndRoth/Ruth)

But, there were problems.
Many users of the new body wanted a different head as they felt the default Ruth Head was too jagged and too similar to the system head. But, when commercial mesh heads were added to the body, there was a terrible visible seam and mismatch.
Additionally- users were stuck with applier skins, many times simple freebies that the uploader of the body had saved. This resulted in a bad user experience that was no use to either a new SL user or a seasoned oldbie wanting to dip their toes into mesh.

This new release of Ruth 3.5 fixes all of these problems.
The head has been rebuilt from scratch to a more attractive standard and no longer has visible jagged edges. There is more bento functionally and a full range of shape support. There is a fitmesh neck blender that is also BOM and the old Ruth choker collar, to provide different levels of coverage.

There is a robust nail system that is as easy as wearing a system tattoo. Simply right click and ADD to yourself in your inventory. There is also a pure white modifiable tinting option.

Skins are NOT mined freebies from other websites, they have been made specially for the body and head. There are a variety of colours including natural and supernatural tones. There is also all three tints of our Color Wonder ultra customizable skins.

Finally, a compact, low lag mesh body accessible for all SL viewers with no catches and no sacrifices. Look beautiful for the lowest possible price...free!

Perms info: all tintable items are modifable, other skins are not to prevent messing up the tones. If you want to play, please use the tintable items <3

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