G&D East German Spy Radio Set

G&D East German Spy Radio Set

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Another great radio jam packed with quality and features!

Let's talk about the mesh. This has been lovingly hand crafted by a passionate handcrafted historical technology enthusiast. It is based on real radios made in the German Democratic Republic. It is one Li/one prim, and has a low complexity and low triangle count. The textures are one hundred percent handmade, with no Substance Painter presets or marketplace sourced textures used. There is a clean version, like it's 1975 and it's just been unboxed. There is also a grunge, dirty version that looks like it's been pulled out from a stack of corpses.
Next, the audio variants.

There are four(4) audio variants in each texture, making up a total of eight(8) different radios. What a steal!
There is a medley of historical radio broadcasts. An entire broadcast of Radio Berlin International from 1987 is included. There are two number station broadcasts from a similar time period, and two historical songs praising the government.

There is a random sound version that plays at different times over the course of the hour. It includes 15 sound clips of a wide selection of German Language number stations, most being late Cold War era in origin.
There is a random sound version that plays ONLY when touched. It has the same selection as the other random sound version.

There is the familiar parcel media radio. It comes with stations preloaded, but can be configured via a note card in the objects inventory to add your own.
You'll be hard pressed to find a better historical shortwave radio in all of Secondlife! What are you waiting for, try the demo today!
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