FREE G&D EasyColor Wonder Skins

FREE G&D EasyColor Wonder Skins

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A free gift for you-
EasyColor wonder skin set!

In the old days of appliers there were often limits to how much a skin could be customized. You could easily spend hours fiddling away with color huds, demo shopping, and omega appliers all to get your skin just that right shade.
The results could be very unsatisfying. A lip would be too orange when darkened, or grayish when lightened. The base shade would bleed through what should have been a marvelous violet and create ugly brown gradient areas. Better to spend all your lindens buying each natural tone and fantasy skin colour separately, often costing thousands and still not being "just right".

No more of that with EasyColor Wonder skins. You can get a full range of natural and SUPERnatural colours using just THREE skins.

And no more appliers- it's fun and easy to create your own look!

These skins have been specially designed to work with second life's 2002 skin colouring system- and still look brilliant, beautiful and modern. Each tone can support a full pallet of human skin tones and fantasy tones. Simply wear the skin, right click 'edit' in your inventory, and play with the sliders. They even work harmoniously with the 2002 freckle and lipstick sliders(try it!).

No other BOM skin in sl can do what these skins can- PERFECT colour quality and no loss of detail no matter how dark or light you go, or how wild or tame your colour is.

You have three choices to start from-
Dark tan- Asiatic and African natural tones, and jewel fantasy tones are possible.
Light tan- Caucasian and and Asiatic skint tones are possible, medium and dark pastel fantasy are possible.
Tinting Silver- Goths, Vampires, Drow and more are possible. Full colour saturation- be neon if you want!

The perfect thing for roleplayers, artists, models, and more.

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