Eclectica Formica & Chrome Kitchens

Eclectica Formica & Chrome Kitchens

These items are copy and mod friendly, (possibly excluding some scripts). They are original mesh, unique to Eclectica, made with love by Tiffy Vella.

Each of these Chrome and Formica kitchen sets includes a dresser (with opening top doors), two tables (one boomerang and one formica topped), and two chairs (one boomerang and one plain). Use whatever combination you like. The table will seat from 1 to 6 people comfortably. Or one person and a number of cats.

The chair animations can be adjusted to suit your avatar height. Follow directions from the chair's dialog box. There are 5 animated sits, for bento, in the chairs.

You may see these items at the Eclectica Mainstore, Sinaburoe. If you need assistance, please contact me (Tiffy Vella) via IM, as I may be able to help you even when not inworld.

Tiffy :)
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