[DS] Item Combiner / Crafting Game - For Merchants, Creators, and Game Developers

[DS] Item Combiner / Crafting Game - For Merchants, Creators, and Game Developers

This Item Combiner system is a suite of scripts that allows you to create games and events where your players combine objects to receive new combined objects!

The usefulness of this system doesn't just end there! Imagine creating a Gacha event where players got an additional free token with their Gacha item purchase. But only after the Gacha event is over, could they combine the tokens at your store to get one extra final reward! You can use it to update products, host games and events, and just about anything you can think of! Your imagination is your only limit on what can be done!

From the perspective of the end-user:
  1. They click your Combiner Station to start
  2. They rez some items at the Combiner Station that they got from you
  3. They click combine, and they get rewards
For content creators, setup is simple! Add one script to the item to be combined. Add the combiner station script and your items to your combiner station, edit a notecard with correct recipes, click the Setup button and then click Online. Done.

This system is the great, great, grandchild of the Salvage Combination game hosted in The Wastelands. It has over 12 years worth experience, security, and lessons learned behind it. Needless to say it's pretty rock solid. In addition to that, because this was developed to be a creators system, it has vastly improved updates over the original.

Concerned about lag? So was I when I was developing this! One Combiner Station can hold up to 500 recipes with just *ONE* script. No external websites or databases are needed for this system. Each combiner item only needs one script that's been reduced to 4k used memory on the region; and it sits idle until it's freshly rezzed near a valid combiner. Other than that, it doesn't do anything. The free optional logging script included is just that, optional, and it's built to be low lag.

The content of this sale are scripts ONLY, you will need to create your own item combiner station

You must be the CREATOR of the items AND the combiner station for this to work

Permissions of your purchase:
  • The scripts that go in the combiner station are copy only.
  • The notecard that goes in the combiner station is copy-mod.
  • The script that goes in your combiner items is copy-trans.
Because of the permissions of this system, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS of any sort.

There are three different versions at three different price points, please see the documentation for the differences!

For full documentation as well as an overly through explanation of how you can use this system, please visit: [DS] Item Combiner / Crafting Game - For Merchants, Creators, and Game Developers
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