Classic ScFi Alien Avvies @ Scifi Con for RFL(Exclusive)

Classic ScFi Alien Avvies @ Scifi Con for RFL(Exclusive)

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Secondlife frees people to be whatever they want, and this set of Avatars and skins unleashes a world of creativity to the discerning secondlife sci fi fan. Available in six(5 plus bonus) truly alien colour schemes, these aliens have been lovingly handcrafted by a RL creative professional,. They are not merely recoloured templates, each one has been realized and hand-tinted specially with a unique vision in mind.

What you get in each pack-

Bento head(original mesh) in six colours, mesh eyes, applier and bake on mesh eyes, six skin tones(bake on mesh and appliers), alien shape.

Single avatars- 250L. Bento head, two eye colours, shape, skin with appliers and alphas. One colour only!

Single skins- 100l. Just the skins, for whatever shape or look you have in mind! Bakes on mesh and Appliers.

For sale now at the Secondlife SciFi Con to benefit the American Cancer Society.

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