48 hour Freebie  G&D SEOJUN BOM Bento Mesh Head 1.0

48 hour Freebie G&D SEOJUN BOM Bento Mesh Head 1.0

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48 HOUR FREEBIE PROMO-regular price 400L.

An affordable mesh head that's easy to use, low complexity, script free, and looks beautiful!

G&D Seojun head has the winning combo of petite features and pure personality. She comes with skins tailored just for her, a makeup sampler, mesh eyes, and shape. She is fully bento and all face, eyes, head, and nose sliders have a full range of functionality in your viewer's Edit Shape module.

Since the head is BOM enabled, ANY SKIN can work on her. The ears come seperate so you can add your own if desired-perfect for fairies and fantasy creatures. The skins themselves are also compatible with any system skin or skin for other heads.

Skin has "light brow" and "Dark brow versions". Light brow wroks for black hair and brunettes, light brow for blondes and redheads. The skins are not simple re colours, the dark brow version has more cheek blush and smooth body skin. The light brow has a very subtle body freckle and less blush.

The skins themselves also come in a version for meshes based off of the SL system body and a version for people who use mesh fingernails, toenails, and nipples.

Skin textures are high quality and realistic. Mesh BOM eyes and delicate texture based lashes are included. Step into a lower-lag,clutter-free, ultra modern mesh head experience!

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