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    What do you observe for supplies of food and other necessities on supermarket shelves?

    My local stores have everything except toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and eggs, all of which I have learned to do without: I have been wiping with kale, which, while not as smooth and soft as chard, is as strong as toilet paper. (And thank you, impulse to buy stuff, for impelling me to buy...
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    Why Don't You Sign Into SL Any Longer (And What Would Bring You Back)?

    More free time would bring me on more often!
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    Dreaming about Second life

    One of my avatars dreams about real life occasionally.
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    Has SL Fashion Become Too Homogeneous?

    Plus, it feels much dirtier to act slutty in a classy, elegant, outfit!
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    Adventures In MAGAt Trolling

    Just to be nitpicky, that's the rule for civilian men. Civilian women only have to remove sport caps. Everyone should face the flag, if it's present, or face forward (toward the playing field, e.g.), if it's not.
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    What do you look for in a username when creating a new avatar?

    My avatars are all from the days of a list of surnames. There was even a website that sent out an alert when the list changed. Mine all have pretty normal first name last name, reflecting their ethnicities. Yeah, I'm out there doing cultural appropriation from the demons and elves, yo...
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    VVO At One Year 🎂

    Me, too
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    How Big Is Your Second Life Inventory?

    Exactly. They have nothing to do with each other.
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    How Big Is Your Second Life Inventory?

    Three of my alts (I have no main) have about 18K, 11K, and 19K.
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    Is SL freezing and crashing for you?

    Thanks everyone. I would like to blame my modem, but the problems started before I replaced it. I replaced it because I got new cable tv service, not because the old one was bad. Anyway, the problems started before the change.
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    Is SL freezing and crashing for you?

    It is for me lately. I've noticed it for maybe a couple of weeks. It's like the bad old days. My avatar can't move, but can turn in a circle. IM and chat stop. Inventory still opens. Search opens but gives no results. After a few minutes, everything goes gray, and I get the pop up that...
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    Account Changes (LL Blog)

    Thanks for all of the discusion. I got an email from LL about the new fee for credit processing, but nothing about the ID requirement. I never cash out, but I do buy things and buy lindens and check my balance, so I guess I'm OK. PS I'm sure everyone realizes that Tilia is the genus name for...
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    WTF LOL! Please check out the SL blog

    So, if I read the official blog post correctly, the only change for basic members is that the number of offline messages decreases from 25 to 15 per month. Did I get that right? I don't use offline messages, but I won't let that stop me from writing a strongly worded blog post about this new...
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    What SL Features Would You Like To See Added?

    The ability to transfer linden dollars without having to go online. All Linden Lab employees, especially executives, have to log 10 hours per month in SL, using a mid-price Windows-based laptop no less than 18 months old, with ordinary free accounts.
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    Is it just me...? *PIC*

    I had a bunch of alts with last names that matched their role-play. Actually, now I have fewer alts, and their last names match their role-play. So they're not clever name plays, but just sort of appropriately ethnic. Even the demons.