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    Tell us your Second Life Love Story.

    I have had several torrid affairs in SL since 2007 but after about 2010 I slowed down. And then I met Mi Yuequi. Mi was a submissive Japanese sex slave who was nonplussed when her Dutch Master brought me home to share the castle. So for a couple of days Mi just hung out in a cage and sulked...
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    Tell us your Second Life enemies story

    Long ago and far away I became someone's enemy (for a brief day or two) when, as a scorned lover I rezzed as my paramour, stripped him naked of all his avatar parts and deleted every item he owned on his Sim. Then I deleted his entire inventory. It took hours. I terraformed the SIM to an...
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    Happy Birthday Lady Darnk Juniorette

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    Post a sentence you can use during sex or at a family dinner

    Who wants sloppy seconds!?
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    WTF LOL! Please check out the SL blog

    They could fucking PAY ME to rent land in sl again and not going backwards again
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    hbo Game of Thrones, The Final Season

    Bran makes me poop
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    Exactly how many second life accounts do you have?

    ten or so, but i only favor 1 of them now
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    The 'other' Second Life

    hahah dont you roll your eyes at me!
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    The 'other' Second Life

    People who are home on a week day without anywhere to go irl and anything to do are a little suspect every time
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    Head-exploding moments in SL.

    Stroker Serpentine left SL. That makes my head explode with sadness when I think about it
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    Do You Still Care About Second Life?

    SL is like a torrid old love affair that ended years ago but I still look back on it fondly and wish it well.
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    American man killed on North Sentinel Island

    He probably had christian martyrdom fantasies. He got his wish fulfilled.
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    CDC romaine lettuce warning

    What does Darnk have to say about this?
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    Social Fraud in Second Life (European Citizen)

    Wheres the remote