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    Looking for more of an open-air type home I also have this one but I only set it up to have a look around. maybe my summer house. I buy pretty well every home BA offers at Collabor88 so I have a Lot of houses I also pick up a few from Apple Fall when...
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    What Are You Reading?

    I am reading Clive Cussler Arctic Drift. I just finished one of Robin Cooks. ( have a lot of books from the library sale ! )
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    What Are You Reading?

    Actually if you watch/read Worst Witch you will see a LOT of similarities to the Harry Potter world..... My kids went wild for Harry Potter and we are a reading family, They tested out each year well beyond reading skills for their age. I read the first book and went Meh. BUT after watching...
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    Looking for more of an open-air type home I have this house. The pictures are not very good. It has a lovely courtyard and outdoor eating area. See it in world . It is 89 LI and you can colour/paint the wall as you like. I am not sure if all the bushes are...
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    I had the same experience a friend of ours who we have know since a teen came out recently that...

    I had the same experience a friend of ours who we have know since a teen came out recently that she was sexually abused by a step father. I wish she had told me I would have believed her ! She is about 10 years younger than me I want to think at the time I could have done something .
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    Head-exploding moments in SL.

    I remember paying 8,000 L for a skin! I saved for 2 months for it ( I have always had an SL budget ). I call it my coffee money, the girls at work probably spend more on coffee then I do on SL . I have never paid 5,000L for a head BUT only because I have not found one I really like . I have...
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    Mesh for Men

    My husband has an avatar though I buy every thing for it . He has the Jake body and find clothing fits very well. Gabriel make clothing for it and also has Gacha's that have gotten outfits for a good price. He has an Adam head ( it was a free one a bit out dated now) and a Akeruka head was...
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    Instant Pot -- All the Cool Kids Have One!

    I received one this Christmas from my son . We only do stockings now on Christmas day and if you need something during the year it is considered a Christmas present ie I had to replace first my screen then my tower.. so Christmas and birthday for me. I also don't need MORE STUFF I want to get...
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    Gift Giving

    I though we had done away with gift giving I jokingly in the summer said I need to get rid of stuff well you guessed it We are having garage sale Christmas you give away something in your house that you do not need anymore. The only gift we are buying is for the 1 baby in the family. IF we...
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    A shitstorm is rolling over Blizzard right now due to Diablo Immortals

    I have played Diablo since the first game came out. I was picked as a beta player for one version. I have waited for games to come out years later then they said. THEY pull this Shit. I actually do not have and may never have a cell phone I personally find them annoying. I see the girls at...
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    Which Apocalypse Scenario Frightens You Most?

    The movie was quite good as well.
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    Leaving My Second Life Avatars to Other People in My Will: Taking the First Step in Figuring Out Who Gets What SL Avatar

    My daughter has all the pass word to my 2 Avatars and my sisters. I leave it up to her what she will do. IF she wants to have an SL event then delete them it is find with me.
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    Looking For A Specific Type of Small Home

    I have quite a few houses from BA ( barnesworth Anubis) worth checking they usually have a house at Collaboro88. I am actually living in the Paris Skybox ATM and love it it has windows/a door and skylights! Funky Junk has some very unusual houses as well. Scarlet Creations you could also...
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    Your most regrettable SL purchase

    Skin I have a lot and most of it is unusable now with mesh. I remember paying 4,000L for a skin ! Before Make-up you had to buy a fat pack of skins if you wanted say red lipstick that all changed when someone started making actual make up! Side note First time playing Gacha went through my...
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    Desperately Seeking an Old Gacha Item

    Are you a member of the Gimme Gacha group? They trade a lot and have stores as well they might have one around or in one of the 1,000's of re-seller places . I tried playing got another Chest I already had and toys !