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    Anybody else have an MMORPG background before using virtual worlds?

    Yeah, I was on WoW and another, now-defunct MMO that...honestly I don't think counts as 'massive'. The most traffic I ever saw was maybe 200 people online. I've always been a fan of roleplay, but SL RP is so bleedy between IC and OOC actions/feelings compared to that of MMO's. Mostly I just use...
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    Crime Drama on the Edinburgh Line

    The poll already ended, but #TeamSandwichGuy
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    The Catholic Church Should Burn

    There are a lot of extremely solid and far more meritorious reasons to want the Catholic church abolished. But one of mine is petty af, and that's that people keep assuming that I'm Catholic (I'm an agnostic-atheist and usually p quiet about it) when they find out I'm a pastor's kid.
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    Welcome to Mystery Flesh Pit National Park

    Think I've seen a sim like this once...
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    Nobody Cares - Second Life Is Weird AF

    I've been randomly IMed from a couple of groups - one guy offered a TP. Thinking it was probably someone I met a long time ago and just forgot about, I accepted. The place probably wasn't his (it had a picture of a clearly lesbian couple out front when I cammed around outside), that was full of...
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    The patent troll company that sued Lindenlab has its own strange legacy

    Ah, and here I thought you were only referring to Gor. When I was younger I found a scholarship where you write an essay about Atlas Shrugged...gave up before I started when I saw what a brick that book was, and I'm glad I didn't read it at such an impressionable age.
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    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    Bad GIF of my present look.
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    The patent troll company that sued Lindenlab has its own strange legacy

    Is this an ironic make-fun-of-it book club or a dead serious one? I'm keenly interested in one of the two...
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    Great Canadian Grid shut down?

    Happened for a shorter period once while I was on it - hopefully they come back at some point. I liked GCG and wanted to set up something neat there once I had more of my own 3d assets to use.
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    Weird Food Combinations You Enjoy

    I was like 25 when I learned that some people think ketchup on eggs is a sin. Luckily, I'm not religious.
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    The Future is Shocking

    I just want me some fully automated luxury gay space communism.
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    Remember way back in SLU there was a Puerto Rico?

    Earth is a d20 and we rolled a 1.
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    What do you look for in a username when creating a new avatar?

    I want a randomly generated string of letters, numbers, and unicode that immediately gets me banned on suspicion of being a bot wherever I go.
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    The guy that puppeteered Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch died RIP, Mr. Spinney.
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    So you're not a cult ascending into the next world to achieve a higher purpose? I'm disappointed.