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    Strawberry Singh is now Strawberry Linden

    Eh, people have thought I was one since 2007 or so. Maybe we're all secret Lindens? I'll share the conflict, but at the same time, seeing LL pick up an established, knowledgeable, longstanding Resident like Strawberry makes a ton of sense, and defeats the notion that no one a LL cares about...
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    Down memory lane

    I could swear I saw some shots of him in Natoma recently, too. Also, Mont St Michael is still in SL, which is his work
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    Yay! Tried plane flying last night..

    This might be intertwining to some. This is the flight radar that Shergood Aviation has running, which shows airports and real-time locations of planes with their transponder (or with that worn as a HUD). ATC Radar
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    Yay! Tried plane flying last night..

    With the advent of mesh, functional dashboards have very much become a thing. It's really something to be able to fly in mouse look or an appropriate camera position and view your actual functioning instruments in flight. For example...
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    Yay! Tried plane flying last night..

    It is huge! I loooove flying in SL (and contrary to another poster, flying with a vehicle is a fun recreational activity, and is very different from the pedestrian Page up type we all have used for a decade). I have several planes I use from time to time. from little bush planes to full on WWII...
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    Do You Still Care About Second Life?

    I still do very much care. It's a part of my daily life and a part f my income. It just doesn't seem like there's a lot to discuss at this point. I'm also not the sort to start a new thread, and I generally don't feel comfortable posting here a lot anyway (this is just a "me in general thing"...
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    Are freebies hurting the Second Life economy?

    Stop to put baby in box!
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    Are freebies hurting the Second Life economy?

    Ya, I gotta agree. Feels very much like a one-way discussion going on here, a bit like what "academic researchers" did with SL back in the earlier years. Be a participant, experience things, communicate as a peer. You'll get deeper material.
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    What is your earliest memory of Second Life?

    A former boss of mine was Linden Lab's first marketing person way back when, and sent to all his acquaintances a note about this cool new thing he was a part of that was going into public beta "soon." I took a look at the information he shared, and it sounded interesting, but there was no mac...
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    Yay! Animesh is here

    Still can't script a group invite.
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    Social Fraud in Second Life (European Citizen)

    Good. So we're done here.
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    Spam on SecondLife

    Lemme guess. Resident account, name starts with a "t," selling "sexy dresses?"
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    This ones for the geeks..

    Not yet, but it is in the works. There are usually more than a single region per server nowadays.
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    This ones for the geeks..

    For what it's worth, the first 16 were likely up around the same time, but Da Boom was the one sitting at 0,0, so people call it the first. Fair enough. Many may have experienced Natoma first in those days, as that was the original welcome area. And yes I'm pedantic. The first server is now...
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    Snapzilla Is Back Online At

    I am not blocking cookies. As to the number, I mean the "3" next to my avatar: 2cb318bb704c7f45a6e1e4b7a7d18fde-full.png