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    Birds are crazy

    Have to say that really is one ugly ass bird!
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    Help. Losing interest in my binge-shows.

    I'll give a double thumbs-up to Jopsy's suggestions of "Dark" and "The OA". Both are great twisty mindfuck shows! If you get stuck figuring things out both of them have online info to help you figure out who's who & what's what. :)
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    Cats are jerks

    Thanks Free for all the "Maglinks"! I just want you to know that I do notice & use them. :)
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    Birds are crazy

    When I was a kid in Montana there was a small gift store in town that had a mynah bird that told customers "Don't just stand there! Buy something!". :)
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    Totally random picture thread

    I'm concerned about the packaged hand in the freezer. I think I'll pass on that!
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    How Trump is affecting American society

    QAnon is also pushing the "Save the Children" movement that's flooding Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even usually normal & sane people are getting sucked into this one. Because after all, who's against saving children...
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    Cats are jerks

    Oh I didn't notice that before! Poor kitty! :(
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    Does anyone use Window-Swap?

    Oops! Sorry I must've missed that thread. lol Glad to see others use it too. :) Guess I did see it before since I responded to it. I think I'm having one of those "senior days". haha Feel free to delete this thread if you can.
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    Does anyone use Window-Swap?

    Does anyone besides me go to I hear it's a very popular site worldwide & I really enjoy it. It's short videos looking out people's windows all over the world. it's absolutely fascinating to see the huge variety of views from a skyscraper apartment in Hong Kong to sheep in a...
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    Favourite Movie Adaptation of a Book

    Ok you guys are listing all your favorite movies that are GOOD versions. I'm gonna tell you my favorite BAD movie adapted from a book. The book is "She" by H. Rider Haggard. The movie is the 1984 version with Sandahl Bergman & it's the absolutely worst movie of any kind of all time! Which is...
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    Posting is fun!!!

    Thanks Free! Yes, I could finally see it. lol And yes, I'm on a desktop & it's just weird that sometimes Imgur will work & other times I have to copy/paste to IE & other times like this one neither will work. But that link finally worked! No, I don't have an Imgur account.
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    Posting is fun!!!

    I hate Imgur! Half the time it doesn't show up for me at all. Usually I can copy/paste it to IE & then it'll show up but the one above won't show up in either Firefox or IE. Just blank blackness.
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    Nobody Cares if it's Off Topic

    My son would've done something like that when he was a little boy. He had a thing for shoving things up his nose - sticks, the wheels off of hot wheels cars, kernels of rock hard dry Indian corn. And he'd put them up both nostrils at the same time so his nostrils were stretched & made it...
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    Cuteness Galore

    I see more & more pics lately of cats with extremely short legs. Never have seen that before the last 3-6 months. I assume that's a new "designer kitty" that's like a cat dachshund to be extra cute? Sorry I'm finding it a bit weird & unnatural. Maybe it's just me tho.
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    netflix Umbrella Academy season 2

    For some reason this show hasn't been on my radar & I didn't see this thread until today. Right now I'm watching Season 2 of "Dark" which is another great show btw!! Watch it if you haven't already! When I'm done with Dark I'll start "Umbrella Academy". :)