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    Yay! Hot Dogs

    The Elvis Dog?
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    Today I Learned...

    Yet more quarantine craziness
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    Cosplay Is Art

    I often lose myself in these videos for hours.
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    second life Show your Second Life Photos Midsummer Enchantment
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    Cats are jerks

    "Where's the box?!"
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    Cats are jerks

    The gag reflexes!
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    Yay! Hot Dogs

    1. With bacon, pepperjack cheese, and barbecue sauce on whole wheat bread placed in the toaster oven to melt the cheese. 2. Hatch green chili and cheddar cheese. 3. Meat red chili (no beans) and cheddar. 4. Extra mustard and relish, when none of the above options is available.
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    The Make us Laugh Challenge Thread

    What's brown and sticky?
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    Can I block someone from viewing my profile?

    Don't forget to add 4000 to the third number of the coordinate
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    Local Yearly Crop You Look Forward To Every Year

    Big harvest down here in New Mexico (yes we're in the US) is green chili, just about every grocery store has a chili roaster outside where you can buy a bag then have it freshly roasted. I'm satisfied just to buy a jar of green chili sauce off the shelf.
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    Cuteness Galore

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    Cats are jerks

    Playing Cowboys and Aliens
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    Cuteness Galore