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    Dreaming about Second life

    Anyone else have weird dreams about SL or involving SL in some nature? I had a fairly lucid dream last night where i was stuck in some office at a computer. I'm not sure how i got there but i could see something that looked like a Linden lab logo. I was wearing some pink Clothing which was...
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    Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

    For this years i'm between Walmart(thats allot of IPs for a single commercial) and Ellen's alexia. these past few years haven't seen anything that really stood out.. Previous years: Did anyone liked cute little Darth Vader trying to use the force on everything? Coca cola America the...
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    Snapshots and modern expectations

    don't be so hard on yourself.... Your not alone.. I'd love to be able to pull off those amazing pictures you see on flickr. it can be quite a drool fest. youtube only gets you so far. theres definitely elements you won't find in a sl tutorial, it just takes alot of practice and playing with...
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    #JAILTOTHECHIEF- Shit Just Got Real i don't get it. They want the complete opposite. we must be living with aliens. this cannot be human.
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    Happy Birthday Sean Gorham!

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    Wuhan Coronavirus Updates

    Sensationalism makes money. They have us all thinking it's some zombie apocalypse as long as they get good rating and coverage...
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    I am Blogging about the Wuhan Coronavirus/2019-nCoV
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    cbsallaccess Star Trek Picard Series!

    according to various sources and interviews the first 3 episodes tie in together establish the base of whats going on and forming the team picard pulls together. From there we have little to go on. CBS has also added to thier promo pics and they managed to sort out meta data...
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    I told my wife to embrace her mistakes. She Hugged me.

    I told my wife to embrace her mistakes. She Hugged me.
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    cbsallaccess Star Trek Picard Series!

    reviews are still pouring in from the first episode ,Both praise and hate comments...some people are relating it to firefly series.. There are direct TNG references and a heavy draw nostalgia. I think its a slow start... some people found it too quick.. the episode does establish what the...
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    Happy Birthday RodeejahUrquan!

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    cbsallaccess Star Trek Picard Series!
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    Cribs Virtual World Edition

    i've updated my Sky house back in Nov/dec. i have about 700 Prims to play with. i'm still trying to tweak around to make more room. as i can't even put my doggie down. I have a Play Area below my house and at Ground Level a Stargate using Opengates system. MY neighbors seem to be some sort of...
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    Nobody Cares: PRS

    they gotten healther since the last time you went there. Theres small selection of bottled organic juices, mini snacks. They Make tiny breakfast sandwiches or yogurt or bagel... basically anything that compliments your coffee. Bigger locations sometimes even do lunch or protein bowls. Go to a...