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    The Republican war on women

    I feel bad for them. These women are trapped in a life of cultism and brainwashing. fear, lack of information, a steady diet of self hating, figurehead worship language. They use the bible as their guide. i they think they are pure. internet access is limited(if they even know how to use a...
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    Following People on Multiple Platforms

    people generally have one main platform they use and it's usually the one popular at the time... it's shocking the amount of people that still use AOL to this day those are rookie numbers.... last count i have atleast 40 discords... most are gaming... Facebook is my go to for friends and...
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    Political discussion on VVO

    it's all in our heads... as we grow and assimilate info we develop an identity... a makeup of who we are.... it is considered a part of ourself and we protect it in the same way. when it's challenged our tribal instincts kick in. triggers our emotions and fears...we try to use knowledge and...
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    Social Media is for the Birds #nobodycares

    it's situational and area based.. in a big city like miami it's super useful but once you out in the suburbs... it becomes more dicey and takes longer... the scooters are limited to downtown area only and only have a range about 6-8 miles.. During holiday and speical events.. prices raise so...
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    Social Media is for the Birds #nobodycares

    Rich people who live downtown Miami and wanna be rich people who don't own cars who also manage to live downtown. Driving is old school when you get get someone to drive you..why own a car when someone can just pick you up and drop you off? soon cars will drive themselves...Uber to do...
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    Anyone else getting seriously worried Trump will win in 2020?

    you may not want to admit there are alternatives but When people are desperate they will turn to anything.... does not matter how small, bad or how far. alittle reputation good or bad can go a long way... better then none at all. they could go to Russia and Beg if they sy no just keep going...
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    Nobody Cares! (Science & Tech Edition)

    It's 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, is essentially a tank thanks to the stainless steel impact and bulletproof exo-skeleton( made out of the materials they use in spacecraft..), can tow 14,000lbs, has automatic adjusting air suspension that lets it handle like a sports car or an off-road monster, AND it's...
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    Nobody Cares! (Science & Tech Edition)

    ummmmmmmm... not what i expected....
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    Nobody Cares About Virtualverse

    It's the Hive Mind at work!
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    Motorsports in SL

    I was apart of the Motorcycle racing association in my early SL life.... it took a while use to the physics engine and constantly practicing day after day but it was fun to pass the time with while i was in college. made a few friends and got few awards. I eventually moved on to SL military...
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    Who has the better human avatars? Second Life or IMVU?

    I think Realistic is still a stretch.... but i think they are pretty close to sl quality... i know some vendors sell in both worlds.. here are some pics i pulled from the web
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    Where Do. Begin? ~ Content Creation

    Theres an Maitreya Experimental Kit floating around that i've seen some vendors use. i'm not sure how they acquired it and there usually a general warning that the outfit may not fit properly. i think it was someones attempt at reverse engineering it. but yes big stores that you would of thought...
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    What the hell Darnk?!

    Just get a new one..
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    What the hell Darnk?!