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    Shadowlands Pre-Expansion Patch Is Live

    I've played up to level 9 in the new optional starting area. I think that he tutorial is much better now and even explains things like how the combo points works for Rogues during one of the main quest line. The one you fights explains it and even gets onto you if you don't accumulate certain...
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    Evil Season 2

    I've only seen bits and pieces of it but season one is now on Netflix so I probably will check it out.
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    cbsallaccess Star Trek Discovery - Season 3

    Season one is coming to CBS starting tonight at 10pm Eastern. Probably due to there being no new episodes of anything but reality shows. Some shows started back filming this month.
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    Nobody Cares: Gaming Edition

    I guess the big question now is will all future Bethesda games be Xbox and Windows 10 exclusives? There are 2 games they are making that are going to be timed exclusives for PlayStation.
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    disney+ WandaVision

    Currently in the comic books, unless they retcon again, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver aren't mutants. I think that was due to them not being mutants in the MCU due to a deal with Fox but of course Disney now owns them. If they want to they could say now that Loki's staff unlocked their mutant...
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    Nobody Cares: Gaming Edition

    If they do it like The Witcher 3 I have no problems with the singleplayer DLC in Cyberpunk 2077. A lot of the DLC was free with a few paid expansions that were only huge side missions. They were more for the completionists than the average gamer. I care nothing for the multiplayer part of...
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    Nobody Cares: Gaming Edition

    The Ray Tracing for Xbox One and the PS4 is all software based. There are 3 options: Resolution Mode, Performance Mode and Ray Tracing Mode. It's out September 18th for Xbox One, PS4 and the Epic Games Store. It's already out for the Nintendo Switch but without the ray tracing and some of the...
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    Yay! Wonder Woman 1984

    'Wonder Woman 1984' Delayed From October to Christmas Day A week after Dune.
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    Chadwick Boseman dead at 43

    Netflix Delays ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ Preview After Chadwick Boseman Death It's the last movie that he is in. He was able to finish his part in the movie.
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    Nobody Cares! (Science & Tech Edition)

    The LG 'Wing': Everything we know so far about LG's rotating phone (Aug. 28)
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    Found out that you can download parts of the map but San Francisco by itself is 10GB. You can also look at your data consumption.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    He is doing videos for all 50 states. He so far has only gotten to Delaware.
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    Cher ~ Dancing Queen

    I never liked Cher but do like ABBA.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    Her sister also got the same setup from Microsoft.