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    Nobody Cares: PRS

    Kamilah, sometimes I worry about you. Sometimes.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Nobody Cares about Music (remix)

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    Lockdown Disco

    I keep forgetting where this thread is WHY DO YOU PEOPLE NOT KNOW THERE'S A MUSIC SUBFORUM? CRIS!
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    2020 Democratic Primary

    At least you cheat in a most unusual way.
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    2020 Democratic Primary

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    Nobody Cares about TV and Film

    The Cylon plan is sort of a mobius strip with randomly assigned stop and start zones and interlocking off-ramps that lead to other mobius strips.
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    2020 Democratic Primary

    But it wasn't. Play the cards you're dealt. NO LOOKING!
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    What the hell Darnk?!

    And here I am with short hair! DAMMIT!!
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    Hello. My name is Isabeau and I'm a Plantaholic.

    Oh found this infographic, thought some of y'all might like it.
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    Posting is fun!!!

    Ooh, a $2400 motorcycle. Off to the motorsport used pre-owned lot!
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    2020 Democratic Primary

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    2020 Democratic Primary

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    Nobody Cares about TV and Film

    Ask the Cylons. They know.
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    Where to Get a simple Up/Down Status for Second Life?

    I'm not sure about this particular restriction. If I had to build around that requirement, then I'd set up a small, publically accessible resource (i.e. out on the web) that outputs the status once a minute or so, then in my local environment I'd script a tool that goes out and collects that...