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    Coronavirus Updates

    A day later.
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    Nobody Cares about TV and Film

    I watched the Netflix film The Old Guard last night. It was OK. At least I didn't feel like I wasted 2 hours watching it. Charlize Theron was great. Bad guy was depressingly one dimensional, but not sure what else you can expect from a movie about near-immortal warriors fighting a...
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    Nobody Cares about Music (remix)

    So at least musically, the majority of death to the English has either been due to forlorness (I love that word!)) or fleeing to the French coast?
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    WTF Mask rage

    Also, (sorry to those members who are also blonde!)
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    Dogs are weird

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    WTF Toadally Random Religious Me Me’s

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    Nobody Cares: PRS

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    Yay! Hot Dogs

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    WTF Mask rage

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    Social Media is for the Birds #nobodycares

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    Cuteness Galore

    I may have posted this before...
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    The Make us Laugh Challenge Thread