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    second life Show your Second Life Sci-Fi Photos

    I know of at least 3 sci-fi sims that are currently in construction. One of them I'm directly involved in. As soon as those are open and I'm roleplaying again I can start posting pics.
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    Nobody Cares: Gaming Edition

    I like the new MK skins for most characters. Much more creative than just "how can we fit as little fabric as possible on this, without being labeled porn"
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    What are your favorite game series?

    Mh; most series I like turn to shit at some point so I really struggle to come up with a favourite. GTA and Elder Scrolls were two of my favourites until they both went the multiplayer route over focusing on what they were best at (singleplayer). Fallout I and II are in my top 5 games ever...
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    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    Same, I own every piece they ever made for men that's updated to Signature body, and at least half their men's stuff that isn't updated. Their full outfits regularly inspire a new character for me and their unrigged accessories are great for customising fantasy outfits - too bad many of those...
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    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    Didn't want to make a very detailed list, since it's lots of small bits and bobs that I had to mix and match, but the breastplate at its base is the Perseus' from PFC. It's supposed to be Ancient Greek inspired; but I think I got it looking modern enough with the additions :)
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    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    New centaur av. But since fantasy centaurs are too boring, a scifi one :) Angry Centaur E by Experimental Scientist, on Flickr Jinx Centaur, Signature body, Catwa head, PFC armor with scifi bits added from Neurolabs, SOLE, POE, Breach gun, hair and beard from YUTH, skin from Nivaro if I...
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    The Sims 4: StrangerVille Game Pack Coming Feb 26th

    I had fun with the story, and some of the new stuff is quite fun. But I'm already back to my celebrity harem household.
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    Show Your MMO Style

    Not sure if it really qualifies as an MMO, but another gif of my Monster Hunter and her Palico disco sidekick
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    ADD ME! Share Your Game IDs

    Mostly a Steam gamer; but I got the same nick across multiple platforms. Steam: Steam Community :: Allvaldr PSN: My PlayStation Nintendo Network: Don't think there's a page I can link to, but also Allvaldr. Or I don't know if Switch still uses the friend codes: SW-6056-0767-6699
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    Nobody Cares: Gaming Edition

    So glad I got myself a Switch for New Year treat to myself. Already gotten quite addicted to it. Just finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (awesome game), and starting off on Zelda Breath of the Wild now.
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    Government shutdowns

    I just don't get it. We didn't have a government in Belgium for like 600 days a few years ago, but that doesn't mean they're no longer forced to pay their bills. All public services continued to be paid for, all taxes continued to be collected, ... ... - there just wasn't anyone able to make any...
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    Do You Still Care About Second Life?

    I still log into SL almost every day and I maintain my premium, but it's just that I don't really care about talking about it or even about posting much on VV in general. I gave up on building a real second life and just log on when I want to ERP in some bestiality pornography sims. Hardly a...
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    Are freebies hurting the Second Life economy?

    Yes. It would be even easier to segregate you into virtual slums if you all looked the same. :-P
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    Extra Game Keys

    Regions of Ruin, Steam key:
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    Are Gachas Considered Loot Boxes (And Gambling)?

    Your article refers to the Dutch law, not Belgian.